Think of reusables sanitary pads just like disposables - the pad you buy will depend on you and your flow! Our period pads come in five different sizes for light, normal, heavy and very heavy flows (you can find out more about our pad sizes below or visit our ‘find your perfect pad’ page).

Our Trial Kits are perfect for testing out our different pad sizes, so you can see what pad works for you. Just remember, the switch to reusables doesn’t need to be all-or-nothing. To build your comfort-level in wearing our reusable pads, our top tip would be to try them out overnight or when your flow is light.

We have five sizes and levels of absorbency. Liners are only available in Noras.

• Liners - Perfect for light days, just-in-case days and using alongside your cup.
• Mini – Perfect for light days or flows, and a great little pad for stress incontinence.
• Midi – Perfect for medium days and regular flows.
• Maxi – Perfect for night-time and heavy flows.
• Mighty – Perfect for very heavy flows and postpartum bleeding.

It’s totally down to you and your preferences. Our Bloomers and Noras are both designed for performance and comfort. The only difference between the two styles is the inner fabric, which sits against your skin.
In short:

• Noras have white stay-dry and stain repellent inner, made from synthetic fibres.

• Bloomers have a super soft bamboo inner, only available in bright colours.

We recommend changing your pad every 4 to 6 hours, but feel free to change more often if you’re new to reusables and a bit nervous or have a very heavy flow.

This really depends on your flow, the length of your period and how you wish to use them. To fully convert to reusables, we recommend that you will need approximately 10-12 pads if you plan to wash every second day.

Yes you can, whilst we recommend the maxi pad for night-time you can used the smaller pads if you are petite and/or have a light flow.

We’ve got the perfect solution for that! Say hello to our Out & About Bag. This waterproof bag looks just like a makeup bag and holds 4 to 6 used/fresh pads in two separate compartments.
Not ready to use reusables when out of the house? Not a problem. Using reusable period pads at home or when your flow is light can still make a big different to the environment and also boost your confidence in wearing and caring for your pads on the go.

Storing reusable period pads is easy. Simply pop your ready-to-wear pads in a cosmetics bag or in your lingerie drawer, and your used pads in a waterproof bag, ready for washing. The Bloom & Nora Bathroom Bag makes storing used, rinsed pads at home, easy.
The strap means that you can hang it out of reach and it’s machine washable too; simply pop the opened bag and it’s contents into the washing machine and they’ll tumble out clean and ready to use! Our Out & About Bag is the perfect on-the-go storage solution, with two separate zipped compartments - keep your fresh pads in one section and your used pads in the other.

Our fabric period pads are slim-fit and discreet — just like conventional disposable pads. You can squat in the tightest gym leggings without anyone knowing what’s in your pants.

One of the best things about our eco-friendly period pads is that you can wash them again and again, up to 150 times (meaning that they will last approximately 10 years!) Although we’re confident that our pads will last for up to 10 years, we want to reassure you that if you do spot a fabric fault, you’re covered by our 12-month guarantee from date of purchase. T&Cs apply.


Yes, it is a good idea to give them a few washes get them up to full absorbency. You can wash them with your normal laundry.

Just give them a rinse in cold water after use and store them in a waterproof bag until ready to wash – it’s fine to pop them in with other laundry. Wash within 48 hours and use a non-bio powder. Bio powders and liquids can corrode the bamboo fibres and we don’t want that. Avoid fabric conditioner as it will coat the fabric fibres and reduce their absorbent capacity.

No, you just need to make sure you rinse them within 1 – 2 hours and keep them moist within a bag, to prevent staining. Then pop in with your normal laundry load within 48 hours.

A quick rinse under the tap will do, and then add in with your normal washing within 48 hours at 40 degrees. This simple wash routine will keep your pads in tip-top condition!

Yes definitely, just treat them like you would your knickers. Same rules apply. White with white and colours with colours, just remember the no fabric softener rule.

The secret to preventing staining is a quick cold-water rinse by hand before you pop your pad into a waterproof storage bag, like our Bathroom Bag. Don’t rinse with hot water as it will set stains. Don’t let the pads dry out and wash within 48 hours.

Yes, on a cool setting, but they are fast drying so shouldn’t need to be tumbled. If you do tumble them this can affect the shape.


Not at all! Simply rinse your pads within a few hours of being used. Did you know bathroom bins are the ideal environment for a build-up of bacteria, and bacteria equals smell?

Absolutely, and reusable period pads are actually more hygienic than disposables! Did you know that disposable pads contain known carcinogens, allergens, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals? These chemicals can irritate your skin and unbalance your PH.
Our reusable sanitary pads contain no nasty substances, just fabric next to your skin which allows your skin to breathe, avoiding odours and bacteria.


We’ve worked hard to specially design our pads for comfort and performance. The contoured slim fit, specially-selected fabrics and a stay dry binding, has been crafted to ensure you have a worry-free and positive period.
Tested against a leading disposable brand, our Bloomer pads outperformed the competition; our mini and midi absorbed 2x the amount of liquid, our maxi 3x. And that was before washing!
Our pads increase their absorbency after a few washes. However, just like disposables, you’ll need to change your pads as needed, to avoid leaks.

Our Mighty pads are perfect for very heavy flows, including postpartum bleeding. The ultra-absorbent double-layer core and secure fitting protects your underwear and prevents leaks!

Our pads aren't designed specifically for incontinence, they’re made for periods, but some people do find they work well for small leaks.


We’ve designed our reusable sanitary pads with comfort at the heart. The contoured shape complements your body and underwear, and popper tabs keep the pad in place to avoid bunching or rubbing. Even better, the fabric inner and stay-dry binding, gives you leak protection whilst allowing your skin to breathe, avoiding odours and bacteria.

Our reusable period pads work with most underwear types. But, just like disposables, they fit better with some styles than others. We recommend using your reusables with a classic pair of briefs, rather than underwear with a small crotch, for comfort.


For hygiene reasons we can only accept returns of unwashed and unused goods.