Zita shares her reusable period pad experience

We caught up with eco-conscious Zita to hear about her journey switching from disposable to reusable period pads.


What does your perfect weekend look like? 

My perfect weekend would be either wondering around a historic house and gardens followed by a cream tea or camping somewhere remote in the woods surrounded by nature.


What is your favourite song / book / film?

My favourite book is actually a children’s book, it is the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It has been my favourite since I first read it when I was five or six years old.


When did you first hear about/see reusable period pads?

I first heard about reusable pads when I was pregnant with my third child and started cloth nappies with my second. I think if your using cloth nappies with your child, then changing to cloth pads makes sense.


What is your main reason for using reusable period pads? 

I was using reusable nappies and realised how much waste I was saving from landfill especially when I had two in nappies. I realised I would save even more if I switched to cloth pads. 


Why did you choose Bloom & Nora? What do you like most about our products?

I had tried a few other reusable pads but never felt confident that they wouldn’t leak. I loved using TotsBots nappies and they were so well designed and made. I knew Bloom & Nora were the same brand (sister company) so felt comfortable with trying them. 


How did you first try reusables? Did you buy a Trial Kit or single pad first, or make the switch in one go?

When I got Bloom & Nora pads I started with a couple and only used them when I was in the house to begin with. When I realised how they lasted and worked for my cycle I started using them when I went out of the house and now I use them all the time.


Did you have any worries before giving them a try?

I was worried about them not lasting long and having to change them every half hour. 


Did those worries go once you gave them a try? What was your first reaction?

Yes they were once I knew there were different absorbencies, I use the heavier pads (Maxi and Mighty) for my first couple of days then change to the lighter ones (Midi and Mini). 


Are Bloom & Nora period pads comfortable?

They are very comfortable, especially in the summer. You don’t have plastic from disposable pads against you. It’s just like wearing knickers. 


Are reusable period pads easy to wash and care for? 

They are easy to care for! You just rinse them in cold water and pop them in a wet bag, every couple of days I wash them in the machine. I don’t use fabric softener as that can affect the absorption of the pad.


Do you mix it up with disposables or are you 100% reusables?

I am 100% reusables now and have been for over 6 years.


Do you use reusable sanitary pads when out and about? Tell us a bit about your experience.

I use my pads all of the time, I carry a little wet bag in my bag with a spare pad to use if I am out for a long time. I just use them the same as disposables except I bring my used pad home to wash. I don’t even always rinse it in cold water if I am out and about. 


What would be your advice to someone thinking about trying reusable period products?

My advice would be try it! Go for a reusable pad the same length as your disposable one to begin with and see how you get on. Start with two or three pads and just use them at home until you get used to them, even using one pad a day would stop so many disposable ones going to landfill.


Thank you Zita!


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