Why you Should Pack your Hospital Bag with Reusable Maternity Pads

Bloom & Nora reusable maternity pads give you superior comfort when you need it most.

You’ve spent months preparing for your new arrival but have you taken some time to plan some TLC for yourself once bub arrives? Having a baby is hard work, let us take care of one thing — beautifully soft reusable maternity pads — so you can care for baby without unnecessary distractions. Trust us, the last thing you’ll need are clammy disposables irritating your vulva. It’s probably been through enough!

The lowdown on lochia

Vaginal bleeding, known as lochia, is totally normal after birth, even if you’ve had a C-section. It normally lasts for around two to six weeks. The blood will gradually turn brown and decrease until it finally stops. Because the bleeding can be quite heavy at first (and it can be redder and heavier when you breastfeed) you’ll need super-absorbent towels. That’s where Bloom & Nora reusable maternity pads come in!

Pamper your Perineum

Hospital-issued maternity pads are typically heavy-duty and can feel like a nappy, and conventional shop-bought disposables aren’t much better either — for your comfort or the environment. Did you know that plastic products can take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill?

Bloom & Nora reusable maternity pads are specially designed to be more absorbent, slimmer and softer than plastic disposables. We recommend our Maxi and Mighty pads for postpartum bleeding.


  • Made from natural bamboo fibre, perfect next to stitches
  • Up to 40% more absorbent than cotton
  • Mightys hold up to 195 ml


  • Stay-dry fabric draws wetness into the core
  • Stain-repellant surface
  • Mightys hold up to 140 ml

All our reusable maternity pads are made with Oeko-Tex 100-certified fabrics, meaning no harmful chemicals anywhere near your fragile nether regions. Both our Bloomer and Nora pads have stay-dry bindings so you can ease into parenthood totally leak-free!

Join the Reusable Revolution

Say goodbye to sweaty chafing from traditional disposables and never fear a rogue sticky wing again. And the best part about Bloom & Nora reusable maternity pads? You’ll never run out of pads again. Just wash them every second day and you’ll have a stash that lasts for up to 10 years. Our fast-drying Noras are especially handy when you need new pads in a hurry.

We know that the idea of washing your pads can seem off-putting, but simply store any used pads in our waterproof bathroom bag then chuck the whole lot into the laundry. And with a new baby around, you’ll soon find your levels of embarrassment change. Who else here has sniffed a baby’s bum in public?! Postpartum bleeding and menstrual blood are totally normal, so be proud of your pads!

Are you ready to give your privates a bit of pampering postpartum? If you love natural fabrics next to your skin, shop Bloomers and if stay-dry and stay-white is more your thing, shop Noras. We recommend a stash of around 15-20 Maxi and Mighty pads, this allows for five changers per day when washing every second day. Pick up your reusable maternity pads today and join the growing number of proud cloth converts.