Why bamboo is best for a sustainable period

Not only does bamboo offer the perfect material for sustainable period products, but this beautifully soft fabric also gives your ladybits the TLC they deserve

What is bamboo fibre?

Say hello to bamboo fabric, the new man-made cellulose fibre making waves in the world of sustainable period pads.

Bamboo needs no irrigation, uses a third less water to grow than cotton, and yields ten times more crops than the same acreage of cotton. Ready for the techy bit? Like classic viscose, the cross-section of bamboo fibre is covered in tiny micro-holes, making it more breathable and absorbent than cotton. Grown without the need for agrochemicals and with a very short growth cycle, bamboo fibre is sustainably grown under strict environmental guidelines held by the International Organization for Standardization.

And it’s thanks to these strict regulations that our reusable bamboo sanitary pads are breathable, gorgeously squishy and super-absorbent — and exactly what you want nestled in your knickers each month.

The benefits of bamboo

Bamboo fibre offers up to 40% more absorption than even the finest cotton. Our bold and beautiful reusable sanitary pads have a bamboo fleece surface, keeping you dry, comfortable, and leak-free.

We love bamboo for its silkiness, but did you know it has antimicrobial properties too? The plant’s “bamboo kun” means there’s never any need for pesticides when cultivating bamboo. This gentle giant of the fabric world is processed within strict regulations and every Bloom & Nora product is Oeko-Tex 100-certified too — so you’re guaranteed to have no irritating chemicals next to your bits.

Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and can be worn by almost anyone without the fear of an allergic reaction. For those with sensitive skin — and even those without — our bamboo Bloomers are here to soothe you from the hot itchiness that can be caused by plastic and cotton pads.

Choosing the right sustainable period products

Women can throw away up to 15,000 disposable pads during their lifetime, and once the products reach landfill, they can languish there for 500 years. Just one sustainable period pad lasts up to 10 years and then it can be recycled with your other fabrics.

We’re thankful for every step people make when trying to lower their carbon footprint. However, so-called “eco-disposable” products still offer a less sustainable period when compared to reusable bamboo pads. We’re sorry to break it to you, but eco-disposable is an oxymoron. How can a single-use item that ends up in landfill be called “eco”? And to make matters worse, the waste in landfills is so tightly packed that it simply can’t degrade — and anything that does releases methane (a greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere.

Buying disposable products month after month can cost up to £2,500. When choosing bamboo sanitary pads, you can have a truly sustainable period that costs just £250. Now, that’s a lot of pennies in your piggy bank!

Ready to convert to cloth?

We know society still has the heebie-jeebies about periods and that switching from sweaty synthetics to breathable bamboo can be daunting. But, as our loyal cloth-convert padvocates will tell you, choosing sustainable period products totally changes that outlook. Be proud of your period and pick up one of our beautiful bamboo trial kits to save money, save the planet and have a leak-free cycle in style.