Getting Started with Cloth Sanitary Pads

Reusable cloth sanitary pads are more comfortable than plastic disposables and they're super easy to wash.

Making the switch to cloth sanitary pads can be daunting at first. We’re here to explain everything so you can get excited about converting to cloth. 

Fabric Sanitary Towels with No Sticky Wings

Trust us, reusable cloth pads are way more comfortable than plasticky pads. Our Bloomers, made from natural bamboo fibre, are ideal for people who are confident about wearing cloth. Noras are made from an innovative stay-dry, stain-repellent fabric and are popular with people new to reusables. And the best part? Our soft, fabric wings secure in place with a popper so you’ll never have to tolerate flimsy sticky wings attaching somewhere painful again!



Read our Bloomer or Nora blog to find out which reusable period pad you should choose.

Washing Your Reusable Period Pads

If you’re worried about washing used pads, just remember that you’d wash your knickers if you started your period unexpectedly. Reusable period pads are just the same. 

Our washable sanitary towels just go in your normal 40-degree wash (with non-bio powder and no fabric softener). Throw them in the machine then hang up to dry and these little guys are ready to absorb again.

Bloom & Nora cloth menstrual pads are designed to stay the colour we made them. Just give them a quick rinse under the cold tap before you pop them in your waterproof Bathroom Bag ready for wash day.

Washing tips:

  • Don’t rinse with hot water, this can set stains
  • Wash within 48 hours of rinsing
  • Wash with non-bio powder 
  • No fabric softener, this reduces absorbency 

Using Reusable Menstrual Pads on the Go

Our pads last 4-6 hours between changes. The thought of carrying cloth sanitary pads around with you can put people off but we have a solution in the bag — literally!  Our Out & About Bags are dinky, discreet and waterproof. Keep fresh pads in one compartment and used washable period pads in the other. The zip lock keeps everything locked away, so you can throw it in your bag worry-free.

You’ll Need 10-12 Cloth Sanitary Towels

If you plan to wash every second day, 10-12 reusable cloth pads will be plenty. Our Trial Kit comes with four pads and a bathroom bag. Once you’re ready to go full-time, you can fluff up your stash with a Full Kit, featuring 10 washable sanitary pads, a Bathroom Bag and an Out & About Bag. 

Long-Term Benefits of Cloth Sanitary Pads

  • Better for the planet — 10-12 reusables replace the 11,000 plastic disposables you’d throw away over your lifetime.
  • Better for your skin — Our cloth sanitary pads are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning no harmful chemicals near your delicate skin.
  • Better for your wallet — Reusables can save you up to £2,000 compared to the cost of using throwaway sanitary products.

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