Tips for a worry-free period at school

Haven’t started your period yet, or have, and feel worried about getting your period at school?

Don’t worry you won't be the only one! Others in your year group will be getting used to their menstrual cycle and feeling the same as you too!

Having your period at school is nothing to feel awkward about, but it’s a good idea to be prepared, especially if you’ve just started your period as your cycle may be unpredictable for the first year or two.  

Reusable period pads are great to keep stashed discreetly away in your school bag for just-in-case moments and to keep you leak-free throughout the school day. 

Sisters Amy and Ella, from Kids Against Plastic, talk about Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads and how to use them.  Check out the video below:



We know it can be daunting starting a new school year and trying to make sure your period doesn’t interrupt your everyday. To keep you feeling in control of your body, here are some of our top tips:


Always be prepared

keeping some period pads or tampons in your bag for just-in-case moments is always a good idea! Our super handy Out and About bags are great for easily storing our reusable pads. Simply keep fresh pads in one side and used in the other, ready to throw in the wash when you get home.


For uh-oh moments

Try not to panic if your period has started and you haven't got any supplies! Ask a friend, or head to your school nurse and ask for some period products. 


Pack an extra pair of underwear

Sometimes periods can be really unpredictable and catch you out when you’re not prepared, so keeping an extra pair of underwear in your bag isn’t a bad idea!


Try to keep track

Download a period tracking app or mark when your period starts on your calendar to help understand your menstrual cycle.


Talk to your friends

Try opening up to your friends and be supportive of each other when struggling with periods and PMS.


You've got this!