Tackle Period Poverty with Free Period Products

No-one should miss out on education due to period poverty. That’s why the government is now providing free period products for all learners in England who need them.

Period poverty is the inability to access menstrual products due to limited finances. To help tackle this, free period products — including Bloom & Nora reusable pads — are now available to all schools and colleges in England. Great, right!? But did you know there’s currently less than 40% uptake?

Because the scheme resets after December 2020, we have to do all we can to encourage schools to take up the free period product scheme or it could be a case of missed opportunity.

Who’s eligible?

All learners in schools and 16-19 organisations should be able to access period products if they need them. This includes people who have forgotten their period products, cannot afford products or have started their period unexpectedly. Other learners are eligible too, like those under 19 in the current academic year.

I work in a school or college, how do I order products?

PHS stock and deliver all the free period products and they offer customer service support. Schools and colleges are able to order a range of period products and have these delivered free of charge.

The scheme’s accessed using the PHS portal. PHS will have sent an activation email to the email address for your organisation. If you can’t find the activation email, give PHS a call on 01827 255500.

Your products should arrive within five working days. Gov.uk’s research found that placing products in the toilets can reduce stigma and embarrassment. They also encourage having them in communal areas such as libraries so those who don’t use female toilets can access the products too.

I’m a student, what can I do?

Encourage your local school or college to opt-in before December 2020 by doing one (or all!) of the following:

  • Use Free Period’s sample letter to get in touch with your school or college.
  • Use WEN’s suggested tweet “@[Twitter handle of your MP/Councillor] Do you know that only 1/3 of schools in the UK have taken up @educationgovUK FREE period product scheme? Please check that all schools in {include region/town/county} have taken it up to end #PeriodPoverty.”
How are Bloom & Nora helping?

Our very own Bloom & Nora mini and midi Nora pads are available via the scheme, alongside our waterproof storage bags for changes on the go. We’re delighted to be able to tackle period poverty and help raise awareness of eco-friendly periods at the same time.

For further support, schools and colleges can get in touch with PHS Direct by emailing periodproducts@phsdirect.co.uk or calling 01827 255500.