Summer period survival

Do you find your summer periods just as unpredictable as the British weather?

Believe it or not, a change in your menstrual cycle, throughout the different seasons, is something that actually happens.

Summer periods are never ideal, especially with chafing, BBQ bloating and feeling worried about wearing your favourite whites! So, adding another factor into the mix really doesn’t help.

If you’ve noticed your period arrives a few days early or that your PMS is a whole lot worse, you wouldn’t be totally wrong. 

Research has found that during the summer, our bodies react to the sunlight producing increased vitamin D and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH). The increase in FHS basically means that ovulation increases, and your menstrual cycle shortens…so make sure you keep your reusable sanitary pads handy for when you’re heading out!

As well as boosted FHS, the summer heat can aggravate your typical pre-cycle symptoms, making you feel hot, tired and uncomfortable!  But, looking after your body is key to soothing pesky PMS.

Grazing on some good-for-your-body foods can boost your energy, mood and ensure that your period doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your summer:


Iron - Iron helps to boost your Iron and energy levels. Try dried fruit, lentils and nuts! 

Omega-3s - Omega 3 can reduce inflammation and period pains.  Oily fish, flaxseed and walnuts are all high in Omega 3.

Vitamin C - Another way to ease pains is through eating foods rich in Vitamin C, such as fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Magnesium - To support your mood, snack on dark chocolate, avocado and wholegrains.


As well the foods that you eat, taking time for yourself to enjoy light exercise can also give you a positive boost, why not try:


Yoga and pilates - Find your zen with yoga or pilates. The slow movements and stretches are a great way to relax and ease period pain and discomfort.

Light cardio - Boost your endorphins by heading outside for a gentle walk.

Low volume weights - Did you know your strength can increase when on your period? Take advantage with light weight exercises! 


Psst, don’t forget your Bloom & Nora summer-time essentials, including reusable wipes, Out & About Bag and some just-in-case reusable period pads.