The Period Lady talks reusable pads

Do you want to make the switch to reusable pads, but are worried about the care and washing routine? 

A bit of advice from those who use reusables can go a long way and give you the boost you need to ditch disposables!  This is why we caught up with the lovely team at The Period Lady to chat about reusable sanitary pads and to debunk myths. 

Tell us a bit about The Period Lady and the story behind your business…

The Period Lady stems from our sister site The Nappy Lady. For over 20 years we have been advising parents on the switch to reusable nappies. During this time we have noticed an increasing number of people looking for ways to become more sustainable and to make healthier choices for their bodies. We have always had a selection of reusable menstrual products on The Nappy Lady website but with the growing demand for more period products we decided it was time to launch a dedicated website. This has enabled us to promote and advise on the various types of period products available. We have been stocking the Bloom and Nora range since it was first released on the market. TotsBots nappies have always been a popular choice on The Nappy Lady website, so when they first launched their period range we knew we had to get them!

Why are you so passionate about reusables?

We are passionate about people having the opportunity to make healthier and more sustainable choices for their periods. Access to information about the benefits of the different types of period protection is key and we love working with companies, like yourself, to promote how great reusable sanitary protection is. Most of the team here use reusable products for their periods so we know personally that they are so much more reliable and comfortable than their single use counterparts!

Is there anything about disposables that people don’t know, that they should?

Most are really shocked about the amount of plastic in disposable period products. Some period pads have up to 90% plastic! We get a lot of queries from people who don’t like using pads because they make them feel really irritated, but people don’t realise that the chemicals used in the pads can be the cause of this and switching to cloth and a more natural fabric can be a real game changer. Similarly for those who use tampons and find them uncomfortable, they don’t think that a cup will be suitable but more often than not this isn’t the case.

What’s the biggest worry that people have in making the switch to reusable sanitary pads?

One of the biggest concerns expressed by our customers is THE BLOOD, and washing it. Breaking down these barriers is really important. A lot of people are really grossed out by the blood in their washing machine, but in all honesty it's unlikely your washing machine has never had to deal with your period blood: ever leaked through to your underwear, or come on your period unexpectedly at night?? Also most pads are rinsed after use so the amount of blood actually going in the machine is quite low.

Are reusable sanitary pads easy to use and clean?

It really couldn’t be easier! We adopt a really simple method for washing cloth sanitary pads. Rinse in cold water upon removal and then store them till wash day. They don’t need a special wash cycle and can be washed along with your regular washing. Bear in mind that using fabric softener or harsh stain removers can damage the longevity and performance of your pads so don’t include these in this wash.

What do you like about Bloom & Nora products?

We love the sheer variety of the products, whether you love a stay dry or a more natural fabric, whether you have a light or really heavy period then there is a Bloom and Nora product for you!

They’re also very very pretty and so well priced. They make a fantastic environmental and economical option.

If you could give one tip to someone considering trying reusable sanitary pads, what would it be?

Email us! Nothing is ever ‘TMI’ and we are always more than happy to chat about how you can make the switch.