Say Hi to our Reusable Sanitary Padvocate, Jill

It doesn’t pay to throw away, choose reusable sanitary pads instead

Bubbly Jill and her beautiful bubba Samuel came to our humble Bloom & Nora abode to have a bit of a chat about how she got started with reusable sanitary pads for her period. We’re always keen to hear what gave people the nudge to give them a go to help us break the stigma and encourage more people to try them. We threw a lot of questions at her, had some fun in front of the camera, and baby Samuel was happy to join in too. Here’s what Jill had to say…

Why did you choose to use reusable sanitary pads?  

Cost really. My husband and I are both quite frugal and it just didn't make sense to pay to throw away. I bought my first lot of ‘cheapies’ on Amazon but they didn't “hold up” at all and I quickly started looking at other brands. Bloom and Nora caught my eye because they looked nice, and because I had experienced leaks, the stay dry binding particularly appealed to me. I started off using them postpartum and loved them.

Did you have any reservations to switching to reusables?  No not really, I figured the worst thing that could happen is they would leak but disposables leak so I wouldn't be any worse off. I'd just have to wash my knickers and that's no big deal really.

Did you worry about reusable sanitary pads being bulky or being noticeable under your clothing?  

No, it’s not something I’ve ever had to worry about.

What do you love about Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads?   

The binding! And the absorbency. I’ve tried different brands and different styles of sanitary pads and Bloom & Nora are the most reliable, especially the postpartum pads - they held up where others failed. I am certain that the no leaks binding makes all the difference.

Our pads have a soft no leaks binding that keeps your flow in your pad, and nowhere near your pants!

Do you use any other types of reusable / eco-sanitary products?

Yes, I have a few other brands in my kits but Bloom & Nora are my favourites.  They are comfier. The shape of your pads is best and the way they fasten and stay put is great. Other brands just didn't fit so well.

Are you a Bloomer or a Nora fan?

I use a mix of both, Bloom overnight and first thing in the morning as my flow is particularly heavy, then I switch to Nora for during the day when my flow evens out and then towards the end of my period.

Do you use reusable sanitary pads out and about too?

Yes, but I don’t rinse, I just wait until I come home. Leave them dry in Samuel’s nappy bucket and put them in with a nappy wash. Prewash with nappies and then put on main cycle. It’s really easy.

What do your friends / family think about reusable sanitary pads?  

They think I am loopy!

We certainly don’t think Jill is loopy, she’s just super lovely! We’re big on breaking stigma of using reusable sanitary pads and the more people who join in the conversation or make the switch the better. There is nothing ‘loopy’ or gross about them. They reduce waste, are better for your bits and it’s time more people took notice.

We asked Jill if she had any advice for other who are considering reusable pads:

If you’re unsure try to buy one or two, or shop in the sale to try before you commit to a full kit of one brand.

If you’re just wanting to test the waters with reusable sanitary pads, we have a handy little Trial Kit as the perfect intro and it’s only £33.95, or you can pick up a trio of pads from just £13.49, SHOP NOW