Reusable Sanitary Pad Washing Myths Busted

We’re here to debunk some of the out-of-date myths about washing your reusable sanitary pads.

The idea of washing reusable sanitary pads is something that can stop a would-be eco-warrior in their tracks. In fact, 42% of people in a Zero Waste Scotland survey said they were put off by the idea of the upkeep of reusables. We’re here to banish any preconceptions that reusables are a hassle and clear up those washing myths once and for all!

Myth 1: Washing reusables takes a long time

Any Bloom & Nora cloth convert will tell you that incorporating reusable sanitary pads into daily life adds in almost no extra time at all. We recommend washing your pads every second day. So if you bleed for up to a week, that’s just two to three extra washes per month. You can even pop your pads in with your regular laundry. Just treat them like you would your knickers: whites with whites and colours with colours. Our reusable pads are fast-drying, but if you’re mega-short of time you can even tumble dry your fluffy little friends on a cool setting.

“Washing is so easy and no different to washing your undies.” Sarah

Myth 2: Washing reusables is bad for the environment

There’s an old-school train of thought that adding a few extra washes into your routine counteracts all the good waste-free work of reusables. Luckily, a study into reusable nappies has categorically proven that reusables are up to 40% better for the environment — even when taking laundering into consideration. This is because of all the amazing work reusables do to reduce waste. Of course, we know this study was not specifically for reusable sanitary pads, but the science is the same. So go forth and wash your pads with pride knowing your carbon footprint is shrinking with every cycle!

Myth 3: Cloth pads smell and stain

Disposables get their infamous pong from the build-up of bacteria that happens over a few days in the bathroom bin. To eliminate any smells or staining, just give your reusable sanitary pad a cold rinse within a couple of hours of use. Bloom & Nora bathroom bags offer discreet storage for your pads between cold-rinses and wash-day. Just keep your rinsed pads in the waterproof bag, then on wash-day unzip and tip the whole lot into your machine. Our Noras are the go-to reusable sanitary pad for those who prefer a stain-free cycle.

“Noras wash up amazingly well after just a quick rinse under the tap and a wash in the machine with my undies.”

Washing away the stigma

At Bloom & Nora, we often wonder if the fear of washing reusable sanitary pads comes from the stigma that surrounds periods. By engaging with your period, rinsing and all, you’re helping break down the social taboos that damage our self-worth. Spending a few extra minutes each month washing your pads barely impacts your schedule, but it will impact your period pride!

“I was also a bit embarrassed at the thought of having a bag of used period pads in the bathroom. I realised after my first time using them how silly my worries were and that there was nothing to be ashamed of.” Aoife

So, there you have it. Myths busted! We promise that reusable sanitary pads aren’t the hassle they’re perceived to be. But don’t just take our word for it, pick up a Trial Kit today and test out Bloom & Nora pads for yourself.