Reusable period pads for a happy period, and a happy mindset

Sustainability is good for your Health & Wellbeing

Sustainability is something that is good for the planet, but did you know that choosing to reuse can also have a positive impact on your wellbeing? Using Bloom & Nora reusable period pads can make a difference to your body, in addition to having a positive effect on your mindset too.

Reusable period pads contain no irritating chemicals or bleach so understandably are better for your bits, but their benefits go much further than just giving your nether regions a little tender loving care when they’re, well… tender, and in need of some pampering.

Historical marketing messaging from manufacturers of disposable products has driven a throw-away society where single use products are promoted as convenient, aiding an easy, fuss-free lifestyle. These messages are ingrained into our mindset and continuous overconsumption is now habit.  But this throw-away culture is far from ideal and there are easy alternatives that won’t cost the earth.

Living sustainably and choosing reusable products is actually relatively hassle free and doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice an easy lifestyle or cause extra strain on an already busy schedule. You don’t have to be a ‘hippy’ or live on a commune either, just for the record! Switching to reusable period pads can make you feel much better about your menstrual health and you’ll be proud that you’re doing your bit for the planet too.

Striving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle can leave you feeling more fulfilled, raise self-esteem and improve your mood – ideal if you’re used to suffering from PMT! Whether it’s a gradual switch, or a totally drastic change to your current lifestyle, eco-consciousness is a great mood booster, making you feel more accomplished and confident. Just one person can save around 15,000 disposable period pads from landfill in their lifetime - that could be you! You just need to be brave enough to ditch that disposable habit, one period pad at a time!

Don’t stress if you can’t choose to reuse in every aspect of your life. It’s okay to make one switch at a time, or alongside disposable products until you’re ready to go the full hog. Using reusable period pads once a month while on your period is a great way to start weaning yourself off of being part of today’s throw-away culture. Pick up a Trial Kit today and give reusable period pads a go for your next cycle.