How to use reusable period pads

If you’re new to reusable period pads, you probably have plenty of questions! We’ve collected your most frequently asked questions so you can find all the answers in one fluffy place!

Starting out with reusable period pads can be daunting, but we’re here to demystify the world of washable menstrual pads by answering common first-time user questions.

Which way round does my reusable period pad go?

We’ve put a handy label on your pad so you know what way to wear it. Wear the label at the back, just like your clothes.

Does the patterned side face up or down?

The patterned side of your cloth sanitary pad faces down. The patterned side is the waterproof part that prevents leaks. Simply snap the poppers closed on the underside of your pants.

My pads are slipping in my pants. How do I stop this?

This is usually due to wearing boxer-briefs, french knickers, or pants with a small crotch. Wearing a classic pair of briefs should solve all your problems.

Will people be able to tell I’m wearing a cloth sanitary pad?

Our fabric period pads are slim-fit and discreet — just like conventional disposable pads. You can squat in the tightest gym leggings without anyone knowing what’s in your pants. 

How do I wash reusable sanitary pads?

Just give them a rinse in cold water after use, store them in our waterproof Bathroom Bag, then wash them at 40 degrees with non-bio powder and no fabric softener. Remember, wash them within 48 hours of use and don’t let them dry out (that’s the secret to stain-prevention!).

Can I wash my pads with other things?

Yep, that’s no problem! Just wash whites with whites and colours with colours.

How long can you wear a reusable pad?

We recommend changing your pad every 4 to 6 hours, but feel free to change more often if you’re new to cloth and a bit nervous or have a very heavy flow. 

How do I change my pad when I’m out of the house? 

We’ve got the perfect solution for that! Say hello to our Out & About Bag. This waterproof bag looks just like a makeup bag and holds 4 to 6 used/fresh pads in two separate compartments.

How long do reusable pads last for? 

Bloom & Nora period pads can be washed and reused over and over again, for up to 10 years! How great is that?!

Find your perfect Bloom & Nora pad

Now that we’ve answered some of your questions…we have one final question for you: Are you ready to rock reusables? We hope so!

Test the waters with one of our Trial Kits, complete with 4 sizes of reusable pads and a waterproof Bathroom Bag. Go for a Bloomers Trial Kit if natural bamboo pads are your thing. If you prefer your pads to feel dry, we recommend the Nora Trial Kit’s innovative stay-dry pads.