Reusable Cloth Panty Liners & Menstrual Cups

Does your cup overfloweth? Team our brand new reusable cloth panty liners with your menstrual cup to catch any sneaky leaks!

Plenty of us are already fighting the single-waste fight by using a reusable menstrual cup… but how can we be eco-friendly on those whoops-my-cup-slipped days? Well, we’ve had Romeo and Juliet, we’ve had Bert and Ernie, we’ve even had Ben and Jerry. But now let us introduce the most iconic duo to date: reusable cloth panty liners and menstrual cups!

Bloom & Nora cloth panty liners are the perfect alternative to disposables, providing extra peace of mind when your cup starts having a mind of its own.

Why does my cup leak?

It’s true, there is a sixth sense... but it’s not ghosts, it’s period leaks! Most of us with periods have been suddenly overcome with the knowledge that something is happening in our pants  — but it’s nothing a reusable cloth panty liner can’t rescue! So what can cause leaks when wearing a menstrual cup?

Wearing the incorrect size

Most cups come in two sizes. If you can “feel” your cup, it might be the incorrect size.

A loose seal

Your cup should “pop” open. If this hasn’t happened, try working your fingers around the base of the cup.


People with heavy flows should change their cup every 4-6 hours.

Shifting cervix

During our periods, our cervix can change position (especially at night) due to changes in oestrogen levels.

Residue from changing

These decoy smudges happen when there’s water from rinsing left on the outside of your cup.

Why Nora cloth panty liners?

Bloom & Nora reusable liners are a bloomin' brilliant alternative to disposables. They can be re-used for up to 10 years, saving thousands of disposables from going to landfill. Hoorah!

Our cloth panty liners are tiny yet tremendous. The stay-dry core draws moisture into the pad, giving you peace of mind that any menstrual cup leaks won’t make it to your knickers. Our clever fabric also repels stains, meaning they stay white in the wash. And our Oeko-Tex 100 certification means all this magical fabric is made without any harmful chemicals. Double hoorah!

Not only are Bloom & Nora liners reusable, but all of our waterproof fabric is also made from recycled plastic bottle waste. So with a reusable cloth panty liner, you’re not just reusing, you’re recycling too! Triple hoorah! (OK, OK that was the last one, promise)

Head to the Bloom & Nora shop to buy a handy three-pack of Nora reusable cloth panty liners and fluff up your reusable stash today.