Period hygiene

The fact is periods are hygienic

To ensure proper period hygiene you don’t need fancy soaps, disposable wipes or organic tampons, cloth pads are your answer to keeping your private parts happy. The perception of using reusables for your period is that they’re unhygienic, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. Using cloth pads is one way you can maintain good period hygiene; the natural fabrics, absence of irritating chemicals and washability are all pros when it comes to having a positive period.

Your period is one of the most natural things on the planet and isn’t something to be disgusted by. So it makes us question why the perception of reusable is seen as dirty, when in fact period blood is sterile, so it’s no bad thing rinsing your pads under the tap or popping them in the machine with the rest of your undies. A much bigger hygiene problem comes from used disposables piling up in the bathroom bin. This creates the ideal environment for build up of bacteria and the possibility of your bathroom bin becoming a little whiffy is very real. If you rinse your cloth pads within a couple of hours after they’ve been used, there won’t be any bacteria build up, they won’t smell and you don't need to do that awful job of emptying the bathroom bin.

There’s no need to clean your vagina inside and out in an effort to keep good hygiene standards there either. Did you know, your vagina is actually self-cleaning and it does it rather well too with an all-natural discharge and an optimum dose of ‘good’ bacteria to help maintain an ideal pH level. It is, however, good hygiene to clean the vulva, but there’s no need to use ‘period hygiene’ products, these scented soaps and gels are swimming with harsh chemicals and will irritate your sensitive skin, disrupt the natural pH and should be avoided. Good old water on the outside will do the trick just fine. There’s no need to clean inside, in fact even using water inside could affect the natural properties. So, if you want a clean vagina, let it clean itself.

It’s natural for a vagina to have a smell, products claiming to eradicate smells only make us feel insecure about potential odours and are doing more harm than good. We understand that during your period you might notice a different smell or you might not feel the freshest and from time to time want a little refresh down there, but it's best to keep the chemicals out of it.  Our advice to keep clean when on your period, a reusable wipe and a bit of water does the job and won’t leave you itching for more.

Unlike disposable period products, cloth pads will also maintain your natural pH and keep you feeling fresh, as just like soaps and sprays, disposables have harsh chemicals in them which can irritate your skin and unbalance your pH. Natural fabrics let your skin breath so you don’t have that clammy sweaty situation which can cause odours and bacteria to build up: a quick change every 3-4 hours is all that’s needed for the fresh feeling all day.

The stigma around periods being unhygienic is where the shame and embarrassment comes from making us think they’re unclean. Unlearning these perceptions and picking up positive habits and mindsets around our natural cycles is the best way to quash the stigma and have a positive period.

Don’t let disposables cramp your period style, try cloth pads for your next flow here.