Padvocate Jemma & Her Reusable Sanitary Pad Story

Self-confessed eco-warrior Jemma does whatever she can to reduce her environmental impact. We caught up with her to hear all about her journey from disposable to reusable sanitary pads

When did you first hear about reusable sanitary pads?
A couple of years ago now from my next-door neighbour, Amanda.

Amanda is our very own Bloom & Nora marketing manager. We love that she’s spreading the fluffy word about eco-friendly period products even when at home!

Why did you want to try them?
I'm an eco-warrior and was eager to bring down my single-use items.

Did you have any expectations before you used our cloth pads?
Yes... I was just expecting to warn my husband of the rinsing process! Otherwise, I had high hopes for comfort and no crinkling sounds when changing and moving around 🤣 I’m an active person, so comfort was high on my list.

We promise Bloom & Nora sanitary pads are a crinkle-free zone — and no sticky wings either! Instead of disposable plastic pads, Jemma’s Nora pads are made from super-soft microfibre. Comfy!

Was there anything you weren't sure about?
Not really, Amanda kept me reassured and well-educated over the fence so I was just keen to give them a go.

How have you found using reusable sanitary pads?
Good! I definitely want to get enough of them to last me my usual four days! It did take me a couple of wears to stop them sliding back and forth, but after a quick chat and a more snug pair of knickers I was fine 👍🏻

As for comfort, the reusable sanitary pads are sooo much better. They hold the flow well and rinsed quickly and easily. I wash them in with my colour washes knowing they’re really well rinsed! They come up amazing — like new every time.

What do you like best about reusable pads?
The comfort! They’re soooo soft and don’t give you that sweaty feeling that you can get with disposables.

The chemicals, non-breathable plastics and fragrances in conventional throwaway period products can make you clammy and hot. Bloom & Nora pads keep harmful chemicals away from your bits so you can breathe easy.

What do you prefer, disposables or reusables? (Honestly😛)
Honestly, reusables without a doubt. Yes, it's more time and effort (and some people think it’s a bit yucky) but I personally feel like I owe it to the earth 😊

Making small changes makes me feel better. I love knowing I'm bringing down my waste output and not putting bundles of my blood and DNA out there in landfills 🤢

What advice do you have for someone who is reluctant about giving them ago?
“don’t knock ‘em till ya try ‘em!” 🤣 And think of the seagulls pecking away at your pads somewhere. Reusable sanitary pads are worth trying, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you prefer them to disposables.

Do you think there’s a stigma around periods?
Yes definitely, though I was lucky that I’ve never experienced stigma personally. My dad was my go-to pad grabber when I was younger 😊

What are your thoughts around period stigma?
Periods are natural, so they shouldn’t be hidden or taboo. Menstruation brings the chance of life, I suppose. It’s not unhygienic or dirty like a lot of people assume. There could definitely be more education and awareness of the menstruation process and not just something to hide every few weeks.

Will you encourage your daughter to look for waste-free products that are better for her health and wellbeing?
Yes, I’d rather her opt for the reusables. The thought of more bins to clear in years to come is saddening too. Hopefully, by then, disposables aren't even available on the shelves! I’d love a little a spin /rinse bucket when I get fully kitted out 🙂👍🏻

Our cloth converts are free to store their pads however they choose, but there’s no need for a special bucket. Our waterproof Bathroom Bags are the perfect place to store your rinsed pads. These gorgeous bags can sit proudly on your bathroom shelf until wash day, then simply tip the whole lot into your machine. Changing on the go? Our slimline Out & About Bags slip neatly into your handbag.

Has Jemma inspired you to swap from disposables to reusable sanitary pads? She’s definitely got us thinking about those seagulls pecking away at the pads found on the beach! Start your journey to cloth today with a Trial Kit. It features a range of different sized cloth pads so you can find the right fit for your flow before committing to reusable sanitary pads full-time.