Padvocate Inga & Her Reusable Sanitary Pad Story

Inga switched to reusable sanitary pads after using cloth nappies on her children.

How did you first hear of Bloom & Nora?

I first heard about your reusable sanitary pads through the TotsBots website. I used TotsBots reusable nappies for my two children and I found it a straightforward decision to try another waste-free product.

Did you know that TotsBots is Bloom & Nora’s sister company? Inspired by their teenage daughter, the TotsBots’ directors began adapting their nappy know-how into reusable period-wear five years ago in a bid to reduce single-use period waste. Today, Bloom & Nora’s award-winning reusable sanitary pads provide the same leak-free loveliness and ethical manufacturing as TotsBots cloth nappies. Did you know that both products use recycled plastic bottles to make their waterproof fabric? Plastic fantastic!

Did you have any expectations before you used them?

I always do a fair bit of research before I try a new product, so I knew what to expect. Doing research gives me confidence that I’m making the right decision based on my needs and I was confident that Bloom & Nora would like up to my expectations.

How do you think Bloom & Nora pads compare with disposable products?

I find the quality of TotsBots reusable nappies exceptional and that’s the main reason why I decided to try Bloom & Nora in particular as I know they would be just as good. I also love supporting a brand that’s made in the UK.

Our reusable sanitary pads are made with the best, most sustainable fabrics and they perform better than disposable pads too. Each can be reused 150 times over 10 years before they’ll need to be replaced. Not only do our pads perform better than disposables, but they’re also more comfortable. Our plastic-free period pads are free from harmful chemicals, meaning no clammy itchiness, and our bamboo Bloomers are naturally hypoallergenic.

What do you love most about Bloom & Nora?

I’ve always loved the quality of TotsBots reusable nappies and how kind the materials are to babies’ delicate skin. Bloom & Nora have successfully adapted those same qualities into their sanitary products, ensuring that they’re soft, gentle and comfortable to use. They’re well-made, functional products with beautiful designs that make a positive impact on the environment.

Do you recommend our reusable sanitary pads to others?

I absolutely recommend reusable pads to others. It’s the conscious way forward and we have to appreciate the individual effort we are making in order to make a change on a larger scale.

What do your friends and family think of reusable sanitary pads?

They know that I always make informed choices rather than being swayed by certain opinions. Because of this, my friends and family tend to trust my choices and often want to join in.

For some, switching to reusable sanitary pads can be daunting because of society’s preconceptions about periods. They’re still taboo...even in 2021! We’re thrilled to see Inga making sustainable choices based on research and her own determination to do better for the planet rather than the opinions of others. Are you ready to join the reusable revolution?

What advice do you have for other people who are thinking of making the switch to reusable period products?

Make it work for YOU! Switching to reusable sanitary pads isn’t hard, however, there might be situations where you use a combination of disposable and reusable products. Remember that you’re still making a positive change and showing love to your planet and body. Sometimes change takes a few smaller steps, rather than one big leap. I’d encourage everyone using disposable period products to give Bloom & Nora a go. Good luck on your journey!

Are you looking forward to packing reusable sanitary pads in your maternity bag in place of the typical door-stop disposables that are available?

Absolutely! I’m sure Bloom & Nora will make a great addition to my hospital bag. I’m really looking forward to using them postpartum.

Our super-soft reusable maternity pads give you superior comfort when you need it most. Plus, all of our award-winning pads have stay-dry bindings so you can ease into parenthood totally leak-free! Our Maxi and Mighty pads are super-absorbent so perfect for postpartum use and a savior for those with a heavy flow – no more doubling up pads with our Bloomers!

Giving Reusables a Go

Just like Inga says, it’s important to make your reusable journey work for you. There’s no need to go full throttle right from the start. Give reusable sanitary pads a whirl and join the reusable revolution with one of our Trial Kits, featuring four pads in different sizes/absorbency and a handy little storage bag. Our Bloomer Trial Kit, made with bamboo fleece, is perfect for people who prefer natural fabrics. Like to feel dry during your period? Our Nora Trial Kit comes with clever stay-dry fabrics that draw wetness deep into the core. Pick your favourite kit and give them a go!

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