New Year, New Period!

Make reusable sanitary pads your resolution for 2020

As we look forward to the fresh New Year ahead of us, it is a great time for reflection and new beginnings with most of all focusing on resolutions that will benefit our personal health and well-being. However, as concern for the planet grows, more and more people are adopting new habits that will not only improve their own well-being but will also benefit the environment too.

Climate despair - a phrase first coined in 2010 - is now recognized as a real thing and is the source of anxiety for many people. Feelings of hopelessness about the future and assumed inability to make a difference are at the root, but actions, even little ones can make a difference. Who’d have thought that Greta Thunburg sitting outside her school one day with a home-made placard would have resulted in her receiving a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize?

So where do reusable sanitary pads fit in? Yes, they are small pink fluffy things that we wear in our knickers but they can make a big difference and whilst you won’t receive a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for ditching the disposables, making the switch can help your peace of mind. Adopting new habits that will benefit the environment - no matter how small - is empowering and gives us a sense of hope. It can also lead to other bigger lifestyle changes, and that’s all good as far as we are concerned.

As well as doing your bit for the environment by reducing your plastic consumption and waste going to landfill, reusable sanitary pads are free from bleaches, scents and man-made absorbent gels so you'll be looking after your bits too. No irritating chemicals to make you dread your flow, just fluffy fabrics to make you feel as comfortable and as happy on your period.

It really is that simple, swap bleached chemical plastic pads for Bloom & Nora and bring in 2020 with a resolution you can easily stick to and ditch the plastic pads forever.

Treat yourself to a reusable sanitary pad trial kit for the New Year.