Never fear the flow with cloth sanitary pads

Make period leaks a thing of the past by switching to cloth sanitary pads

Have you ever found that a disposable pad just doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to your monthlies? Well, you’re not alone, almost 78% of us experience leaks every month with throwaway tampons and disposable pads. Frankly, that’s not blooming good enough!  No-one should feel restricted by their flow by having to tolerate products that are simply not up to the job. It’s time to say toodle pip to the disposables and welcome in a new more secure way to protect you from Aunt Flo's visits.

When we did our research we discovered that the biggest source of leaking is caused by pads either not absorbing enough, or not absorbing quickly enough, especially when flow is sudden and heavy. Fabric pads just do the job so much more effectively. They hold more and they absorb your period more quickly than the throwaway pads do.

We spent a lot of time developing the pad shape and style before we came up with the signature Bloom and Nora design. A lot of other reusable pads have the absorbent layer across the wings and this encourages wicking and leaking. Bloom and Nora pads have waterproof wings with a stay-dry binding barrier edge to halt wicking in its tracks. It’s our aim to keep your period in your pad not leaking onto your pants and thighs.

We have two styles. Noras are designed for those who like the confidence that comes with sparkling whites (they have a very clever technical fabric top layer that is stain repellent, so really do stay white!) The Nora Maxi can hold up to 125ml and the Mighty 140ml. However, if you think you need a little more protection then the Bloomers are for you, made from natural Bamboo and with beautifully bright coloured pads, the Maxi can hold up to 170ml and Mighty an impressive 195ml! Basically this means you can go longer between changes, no leaks and with the reassurance that your cloth sanitary pad has got your back…or your bum to be more anatomically precise.

Now you have your protection sorted we wanted to remind you of some other ways you can help your body out during your period.

Tip One: Stay hydrated, if you bleed heavily for a couple of days your blood volume could drop so to help your body out you need to drink 4-6 extra cups of water, this will help your body maintain your blood volume. Drinking an electrolyte solution will also help balance out the excess water you're taking on.

Tip 2: Keep topped up with vitamin C rich foods. Stock up on citrus fruits, treat yourself to a (Virgin) Bloody Mary and make sure your Sunday roasts are sprout heavy.

Tip 3: If you find yourself feeling weak or dizzy, you may need to add more iron to your diet, this is vital for your body to be able to produce haemoglobin. Iron is found in lean beef, chicken and turkey and for the veggies and vegans amongst us in beans, tofu and spinach.

For unbeatable protection from your period, it is time to ditch the knicker stickers, and swap to sustainable cloth sanitary pads, check out the collection today and get the protection and comfort you deserve.