Making greener choices with cloth sanitary pads

Mumforce reviews cloth sanitary pads

Blogger Gail at Mumforce recently trialled Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary pads as part of her journey to reduce her household waste. Her new love of plastic-free sanitary wear sparked her consideration of other reusable sanitary products and when we dropped a DM into her inbox, she jumped at the chance to review Bloom & Nora. We popped a kit of pads into the post, in turn for an honest review and here’s what she had to say:

“I am a pad wearer, I can’t do tampons for everyday use. I know this may be odd to some, but I just prefer pads to catch my monthlies so Mooncups and the likes just aren’t an option for me.

The first day I tried the Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary pads, I was pleasantly surprised at how they felt once on. They were like any other pad on, and with the popper tab and a good pair of cotton pants, I had no movement from the pad. It really wasn't much different at all.

I am surprised at how comfortable they were. However, I'm still trying to get my head around the cleaning and washing, I don't think I will completely get rid of my disposables yet, but I have made a massive start in the journey of going utterly plastic-free with my sanitary products.

Overall, the thing I did struggle with was the storing in-between washing and getting into a regular washing routine for them. I know this will come with practice and just a little blip I will work out eventually. I found changing the cloth sanitary pads and keeping the soiled pad while I was out a little tricky to get my head around, but it's for the sake of the planet, right?”

It is for the planet, yes, but also it is for you. The pads come with their own Oeko-Tex certification; your guarantee that you are not putting any harmful chemicals anywhere near your fluffy bits.

When it comes to washing and storing Gail is right, once you establish a little routine you are well on your way. The kit comes with a waterproof bag to pop your soiled pads in - you can buy one separately if you are not committing to a kit - give the pad a quick rinse when you take it off and once you have a few in there, pop them in for a wash with the rest of your smalls or towels etc.

As for out and about, she’s right, creating new habits takes a bit of new thinking, so instead of unconsciously throwing your pad into a sanitary bin for someone else to dispose of, just pop it in our discreet out and about bag to take home. It won't take long until you’re in the swing of things, and your new eco-friendly habit will become second nature to you and will protect nature for everyone else.

If you would like to try and go plastic-free with cloth sanitary pads, even just in the comfort of your own home, Bloom and Nora can help you start your journey and point you in the direction of the right pad for you. Just remember for each cloth sanitary pad swap in your cycle you are sending one less pad to landfill for 500 years.

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