Making cloth pads Bloomin’ marvellous

Know who makes your cloth pads

Did you know Bloom and Nora cloth pads are made right here in the UK? That’s right we sew, pop, check and double check every product before they're sent to you making sure your pads are always in tiptop condition. We take great pride in every Bloomer, every Nora and every accessory we produce! Each cloth pad is made by our bloomin' brilliant team of superior seamstresses, passionate about bringing you comfies for your undies, that's positively period don't you think?

We love a well-made garment and feel strongly that no one should make do with flimsy and uncomfortable disposable pads especially when luxurious well-made cloth pads are an affordable option. Buying better quality normally means it costs more, but because you can reuse this muff fluff rather than throwing it in the bin you save the planet and the pounds! How often does that happen?

Our aim is always to make you a product that will serve you well; we take care and attention in our factory so you can give care and attention to yourself. Eco periods are truly the way of the future and by buying Bloom & Nora cloth pads you are supporting UK made and helping us to keep the heritage skills crafts of seamstresses and pattern cutters alive. Thank you!