Make a Reusable Resolution: Convert to Cloth Sanitary Pads

Choosing to switch to cloth sanitary pads is the ultimate eco-friendly New Year’s resolution.

2020 was the year that traditions fell by the wayside. Annual summer holidays were cancelled and Zoom birthday parties left us feeling blah. But there’s one feel-good tradition we can all uphold as we say goodbye (and good riddance!) to 2020, the New Year’s resolution. And this year, we want you to join us in the ultimate eco-friendly resolution — converting to cloth sanitary pads!

We love cloth sanitary pads all year because they’re kind to your body, kind to the planet and kind to your bank balance. But we love them even more at New Year because they’re the perfect way to kick-start a brand new year with good eco habits. Plus, because our cloth sanitary pads can be reused for up to 10 years, they’re a resolution that won’t be abandoned by the time the confetti settles. Woohoo!

Why Typical New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Studies show that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions get abandoned by mid-January. This is because we’re programmed to set high-pressure goals that lack direction. Resolutions like “reducing my environmental impact” or “using less single-use plastic” are brilliant, but if you don’t know how you’re to going achieve them, chances are you’ll end up in that 80%. This is where Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary pads come in…

“I will reduce my environmental impact by [switching to cloth sanitary pads]”

See how that goal now has more direction? Because we know how we’re going to reduce our environmental impact, it’s much easier to achieve.

The Problem with Plastic Periods

People who menstruate will use around 15,000 period products in their lifetime, with every plastic item taking 500 years to breakdown in landfill. And to make matters worse, the plastic that doesn’t end up in landfill ends up on our beaches. During The Great British Beach Clean 2018, volunteers found an average of 580 tampon applicators and 863 panty liners across 494 beaches.

Cloth Pads to the Rescue

Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary pads are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to conventional period products. Our pretty pads are soft but strong, and these fluffy little game-changers are turning the tide on single-use plastic waste with every cycle.

  • Our pads can save you up to £2,000 compared to the cost of using throwaway sanitary products.
  • Unlike disposable period products, our cloth sanitary pads are guaranteed to be free from toxins, dioxins and carcinogens.
  • Our award-winning pads are so well made, they can be washed and reused up to 150 times over 10 years.

Make your Reusable Resolution!

Ready to smash your eco-friendly goals and make the switch to cloth sanitary pads? Hit the ground running in 2021 with one of our pre-bundled Full Kits, packed with everything you need to convert to reusable pads full time. Don’t forget to let us know how you’re getting on with your reusable resolution — get in touch with us on social media or at