Lynn shares her Bloom & Nora cloth pad switching story

Before giving reusables a go Lynn wasn't too sure they'd be the right fit for her but after trying them out she finds they work amazingly well.

Meet Lynn, active mum of two, lemon drizzle aficionado, and the latest Bloom & Nora team member to share her cloth pad story.

Lynn, a self confessed “Mainstream Mary”, decided to give cloth pads a go after a bit of encouragement from the team. Her initial response (and face!) at the idea of reusable sanitary pads was one of polite shock. This is a fairly normal response, we are all so used to the idea of disposables that most people wonder why on earth would you wash a period pad when you can just throw them in the bin!

It didn’t take long for Lynn to turnaround though, in addition to being impressed at how well they worked, she was also surprised at how comfortable they were compared to throwaways. Read more on her story below:


What was your biggest fear about trying cloth?

The concept overall was so alien to me. I have to be honest, I was aghast at the thought of washing things with blood (washing things with poo seems more acceptable as a mum when you think about it). I gave it a go anyway despite the fact I was very sceptical

What surprised you most about cloth pads? The ease of washing surprised me the most. I had visions of bloodbath in washing machine especially as I have endometriosis so my periods have always been really heavy.  Much to my relief, no bloodbath followed and they cleaned up really well.

What do you like about Bloom & Nora?

I like the fact that they save me money, I used to have to buy a big pack of pads and tampax every month and now I don’t. Plus I never run out of them.

Are you a bloomer or a Nora?

I definitely prefer the extra comfort of the  Bloomers. I love how soft and ‘non sweaty’ the bamboo fabric is.


Did you have any reservations to switching to reusables?

None at all. I quickly found out that the washing was easy, and the comfort was worth the switch.

Do you use any other types of reusable / eco sanitary products?

No, I only use reusable pads, I find they suit my needs perfectly.

How do you store yours?

I have an Out & About bag so keep the pads in that. It’s nice and compact and fits in my bathroom cabinet. My eldest son - who is 15 and puts the laundry away every week as one of his pocket money chores - pops all my pads into the bathroom bag and puts them in the bathroom cabinet. It’s good to be normalising reusables for him to be honest.

How do you find reusables v disposables?

In addition to just how more comfortable they feel, the main benefit for me is how well they work overnight, my bleeding is so heavy and I was always semi aware of my pads during the night as they felt so sweaty. I think that the fabric draws everything away into the pad more effectively than a disposable.  I am less paranoid about night leaks now too.

Did you worry about them being bulky?

I didn’t, and I don’t find them bulky either.


What do your friends / family think?

My friends were sceptical at first but now I have actually convinced a few of them to switch over to cloth pads. A few of their teenage daughters are using them now too, and when my daughter starts her periods I’ll be getting her some too.

Do you have any advice for others who are considering cloth pads?

Give them a go, even if you use them at night it’s something, and if you’re unsure try them at home first.

Any top tips on using reusables?

Give them a good rinse with cold water after use, it helps when it comes to washing and keep the pads in good condition. I have some of the original Bloom & Nora pads and they are still looking good after 5 years of use.

Lynn has to be our most satisfying convert yet! Going from Mainstream Mary, aghast at the idea of reusables to converting her friends and their teenage daughters to try cloth pads is such a brilliant outcome and we are happy that instead of raising eyebrows we are raising awareness of how lovely reusable sanitary pads are.

Lynn’s switching story is like many others and it could be yours too. It is not until you try them you realise how much better it is to use a cloth pad instead of a sweaty synthetic disposable. If you’re keen to give cloth pads a go yourself try a Trial Pack today.