International Women's Day with Earth Candle founder Hannah Smith


This International Women's Day we are delighted to be catching up with Hannah Smith, founder of Earth Candle - We've asked her to share a little about herself, her family, career, and lifestyle… but first, we are giving you the chance to win some of her beautiful planet friendly candles and a Bloom and Nora Trial Pack!


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Find out more about this wonderful inspirational woman below!


I’m Hannah, the founder of Earth Candle Co and mum to my two beautiful daughters, Evie 1 and Summer 3.

I actually started my career working in Tech for over 10 years, designing website and building apps. But I started to feel discontent with sitting at computer all day, I wanted a to do something that made a positive impact on the planet.

Now I spend my days making sustainable, zero waste candles, and get to make a positive impact on the environment through our ‘One Candle = One Tree’ promise.

When did you start the Earth Candle Co and why soy candles?

I’m a nature lover at heart and have always had a passion for the environment. It broke my heart to hear about the ongoing destruction, wild fires and logging of the Amazon Rainforest. I decided it was time to help, my goal was simple, to help replant the rainforest. That's why I started Earth Candle in 2019, as a way for people to treat themselves AND do good to the planet.

It was important to me that the candles themselves were eco friendly too. From the recycled waste paper label to the sustainable soy wax (grown in the EU), each part of an Earth Candle has been specially chosen for being the most environmentally friendly option.   

What inspired you to do something constructive about the destruction of the rain forest in particular?

I love exploring wild and adventurous places, and I visited the Amazon on a trip to Peru 5 years ago. I staying in the middle of the jungle, a days boat ride from the nearest village. Nature is in charge there, and the local people we met lived a simple life, in harmony with the jungle. Never taking more than they needed and showed respect to the plants and animals. The whole experience was inspiring and humbling, it has stayed with me ever since. The eco system there is so important and yet so fragile. When I saw in the news massive fires to clear the forest for farm land, I knew I had to do something. I found a charity, One Tree Planted, and became an official reforestation partner - my business idea started from there.

How do you find juggling a career and being a mum of two?

I was 5 months pregnant with Evie when I launched Earth Candle Co so it’s definitely been a juggling act. I often end up making candles in the evening after the girls have gone to sleep and most of my social media post have a little person in the background. The best bit for me is being a strong female role model for them. The other day I overheard Summer say that she ‘wants to be a CEO like mummy’ and my inner feminist has never been so proud!


I usually find my inspiration in…

Nature. I’m lucky enough to live on the coast of Cornwall, and my favourite soul restorer is a cliff top walk, watching the sunset over the sea.

The best part of being a mum is… 

The cuddles for sure. Sometime I can’t believe I get to be their mum. I try to soak in as much of them as I can while they are still small.

Can you tell us what steps you take at home to help cut back on waste and plastic? 

We try to always shop second hand, avoid buying things we don’t need, and always choose well made items that will last a lifetime over cheap plastic. We opt for reusable items over single use, using wax wraps rather than clingfilm and using cloth wipes for the girls rather than wet wipes. All the little changes really do add up.

What do you think of reusable period wear?

I’d never put much though into what my disposable period products are made of, but it’s so obvious now and I can’t believe I was putting plastic and chemicals next to the most sensitive part of our my body. The reusable pads were way easier than I thought they would be, to use and to wash, and I love the cute patterns they come in. 

Taking care of our planet is important because…..

It’s our children’s future.

What advice would you give to aspiring young business owners?

Done is better than perfect! Don’t get caught in the trap of trying to make everything perfect, it will suck all your energy and lead to procrastination paralysis. The sooner you get something out there, the sooner you can get feedback and start learning. This applies to your product, your website, your social media posts, everything.

Thank you, Hannah!