How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Period Products

The greenwashing trend can make it difficult to know if you’re really shopping sustainably. Follow our tips to help find truly eco-friendly period products.

A future of shopping sustainably is on the horizon. In a 2018 Neilson survey, 81% of respondents felt strongly that companies should help improve the environment. And we agree! But how can you tell if brands are really helping the environment or just “greenwashing” their marketing efforts to sell more products?

What is Greenwashing?

The Cambridge dictionary describes greenwashing as “[making] people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is.”

Greenwashing makes it difficult for consumers to make true eco choices because trust-worthy brands are free to say that something is sustainable in their advertising or marketing without actually having to prove it.

Remember the 2015 Volkswagen emissions-cheating scandal? The company admitted to rigging 11 million “clean diesel” vehicles with devices designed to cheat emissions. Not cool.

A less extreme example of greenwashing is when throwaway items are classed as eco-friendly. We see this a lot in the world of (so-called) eco-disposable sanitary pads. How can something that’s used once then chucked in landfill be classed as eco-anything? Because landfills are so tightly packed, these “biodegradable” products aren’t exposed to the conditions they need to break down and so the landfill pile just continues to grow.

For truly eco-friendly period products, reusables are the only way to go. Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads are designed to put an end to the 11,000 throwaway period products each menstruating person will send to landfill over their lifetime.

Fact-Check Eco Claims

When shopping sustainably, always look for facts that support a brand’s eco claims. Sure, any brand can call their product eco-friendly but where’s the proof that it actually does good? Here at Bloom & Nora, we wear our facts on our sleeves. Did you know that all of our waterproof fabric is made from recycled plastic waste? On average, two plastic bottles are diverted from landfill with every Bloom & Nora Trial Kit.

Another way to ensure you’re shopping with truly eco-friendly brands is to look out for companies with external accreditations. We’re the proud owners of an Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label. This award is the best of the best when it comes to ethical labelling — and it’s only awarded to products and services with excellent environmental and ethical records. Don’t mind if we do!

Eco-friendly period products aren’t just about the physical item, true sustainability filters all the way down to a company’s headquarters, production and delivery methods. That’s why we manufacture our reusable sanitary pads right here in the UK. Having a local supply chain versus a complex global one means fewer carbon emissions are created when transporting goods from our factory to your lovely homes.

Eco-Friendly Period Products by Bloom & Nora

We integrate sustainability into everything we do and our aim is to be totally transparent about our eco-friendly period products. If you have any questions about how we manufacture our reusable sanitary pads, please get in touch at — we always love to hear from you.