Have a zero-waste period with reusable sanitary pads

Celebrate Zero Waste week by switching to Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads.

As we enter Zero Waste Week what better time to ditch the disposables and switch to reusable sanitary pads? It is the week to become an eco-trendsetter and jump into the sidesaddle with Bloom & Nora for a cycle in unequivocal waste-free style.

As you begin to look at your household waste and ways you can reduce the bin loads you throw away, what are the common recurring items you could swap? Here are our top 5 easy swaps, featuring our very own reusable sanitary pads:

  • Straw bags - We love them, they look great and carry everything from the weekly shop to our working week essentials. Prettier than plastic and better for the environment.
  • Bamboo toothbrush - The perfect bathroom accessory, work well and no more plastic being thrown away every month.
  • Reusable wipes - This multi-purpose wondrous invention can be used for everything from your face to the kitchen sink. Kinder and more effective for removing make-up!
  • Reusable coffee cup - Needs must some mornings, but by having a reusable coffee companion your always ready for the next coffee hit and it will save you money per cup, a worthy investment indeed.
  • Reusable sanitary pads - your monthly saviour that you can reuse again and again. No more single-use knicker stickers and rustling plastic pants, with better performance than the plastic pads you use once and throw away, hooray!

All of these switches are for products that are so much nicer to use and look prettier too.

This Zero Waste Week we want you to spread the word of reusable sanitary pads while ditching the environmental guilt along with the disposables that you currently use. Here are some key zero-waste facts and figures to give you a gentle nudge to make the switch.

Did you know?

  • There are chemicals in your disposable pads! Reusable sanitary pads mean choosing to treat yourself to a chemical-free period, no more toxins nestled up to the most sensitive and porous part of your body. Not many people know exactly what goes into the making of disposable sanitary wear, but you’ll always know what’s in your Bloom & Nora pads! Click here to find out. We should all be able to make informed decisions about the products we use, and Bloom & Nora will always have transparency in our raw materials and production process. Let's join forces and spread the word to ensure we are all having a chemical-free period.
  • Don't flush! So many people out there didn't realise that flushing away their tampons was an issue and now look at the littered beaches and oceans, embarrassed by their previous decisions. In 2013 the Marine Conservation Society held a beach clean across 96.7km of UK coast-line. They collected 428 tampons and tampon applicators per 4.4km and 1291 sanitary pads, panty liners and backing strips per 13.3km! (Source: Go Real). Taking home your reusable sanitary pads is something to be proud of, and you don’t have to throw them away. You’ll be making a decision that will protect the planet simply by not creating tonnes of single-use plastic waste. 
  • The time it takes for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill is centuries longer than the lifespan of the woman who used it, particularly when wrapped in a plastic wrapper or bag. During her menstruating years one woman can use up to 15,000 products most of which end up in landfill. Considering that they will still be around 500 years from now, it’s really quite alarming.

Zero waste is that step we all can take that will make such a wonderful difference for the future of our planet. With a little bit of effort and thinking outside of our comfort zones, we can make some big changes. Challenge your friends to see who can produce the least amount of weekly rubbish. Reusable sanitary pads are a switch for you, your purse and the environment - what is not to love about that?!

Shop our full range and have your next cycle in style with Bloom & Nora reusable snaitary pads.