Free periods: Free of single-use plastic

Reducing period poverty and period plastic with reusable pads from Bloom & Nora

You may have noticed that free period products have recently been in the media spotlight with various government schemes promoting free sanitary protection; from Monica Lennon’s member bill to the Dept of Education giving state schools and colleges access to free period products, it’s clear to see that things are changing in order to secure period dignity for all, and it’s about time too!

One thing that we think has been overlooked, is that giving out disposable period products free of charge won’t make period poverty go away. It’s like sticking a plaster over a big gaping wound. It might mask the issue momentarily for each individual person who receives them, but each person who is given a pack of disposable pads will need another pack for their next period, and the one after that, and so on until they no longer menstruate. Maintaining period dignity by supplying disposables will require a vast amount of funding to continually supply those who are in need of free period products month after month, for years to come.

Finance Chief, Kate Forbes, highlights how expensive disposable sanitary products can be, and this is an expense that the government will have to sustain if they are aiming to continually provide period products for those in need.

“Women pay a fortune in sanitary products every year - it’s incredibly expensive…That’s why you see these awful stories of young girls using alternative products because they can’t afford sanitary products.” (Guardian, 2020)

But what if there was an alternative product that actually worked and didn’t cost the earth, both financially and environmentally? Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads are an easy alternative to disposable sanitary pads that won’t produce a whole host of plastic period waste and are much better than having to turn to loo roll or take a rummage in your sock drawer to soak up your monthly flow. They can be bought once and will last up to 10 years; a much thriftier investment!

Dept of Education is currently supplying reusable Bloom & Nora pads to schools and colleges in England and Fareshare are giving our reusable pads to vulnerable people in need of ongoing sanitary protection in a bid to drive awareness that periods pads don’t have to go in the bin. We need this to continue and for more people to rethink reusable options that are better for your bits, the planet and your purse strings too. Reusable period pads are becoming a necessity for more and more people in the current climate when access to disposables is limited – just another reason to ditch the disposable and make the switch to a more sustainable option when it comes to your monthlies!

Bloom & Nora pads come in four different sizes to suit any flow and are super easy to use. Choose between stay dry and stain free Noras, and natural bamboo fleece Bloomers. They are not gross, not difficult and can really help in your time of need.

If you have the chance to try them free of charge or know someone who can access them through their school or college, then encourage them to give them a go. There is nothing to lose and the chances are they will prefer them to disposables. Spread the word and help us drive the reusable period revolution this century!