Environmenstrual Week: Mother Freckle is #periodproud

Environmenstrual Week 2020 is a week for people who menstruate to feel empowered to make informed choices about which period products to use. Sammi-Jo (Mother Freckle) is one of those empowered people!

Here at Bloom & Nora, we’re so proud to sponsor Environmenstrual Week. From October 19th - 25th, we’ll amplify the conversation around plastic-free period products, break the taboo around periods, and help put a stop to period inequality. To celebrate this amazing period-proud week, we caught up with Sammi-Jo AKA Mother Freckle! Below, she shares her story about switching to reusable sanitary pads.


When did you first hear about reusable sanitary pads?

During my last pregnancy, I noticed there was a lot of reusable period product campaigns targeted towards mums. It made me wonder whether there was an alternative to postpartum disposable pads. I looked into it and found that not only are there some great menstrual options available but reusable pads are available for post-birth too.

What did you first think about them – did you have any initial reservations?

I did! However, like most things, if you don’t try them you’ll never know. I now know that my reservations were based on targeted ads from disposable period products. The big disposable brands have almost brainwashed us into thinking it is more ‘sanitary’ to use plastic and throw away. When in reality it’s not! Has your opinion about reusable sanitary pads changed since you started using Bloom & Nora pads? Absolutely! Reusable period products are far superior to any disposable. I wish everyone would make the switch, they’re far more comfortable!

What was your main driver in making the switch to a waste-free period?

I’ve made several eco-conscious changes over the past couple of years and it’s kind of just snowballed. We started by reducing our animal consumption and being very particular with recycling or reusing things. The more we did, the more we wanted to do!

Did you know that one person will throw away in the region of 15,000 plastic pads or tampons in their lifetime? How does that make you feel?

I saw an Instagram post recently that showed a beach clean up where a huge majority of the plastic found was from plastic applicators. It made me feel so uncomfortable. People aren’t doing it on purpose but big brands have targeted women to use plastic as it’s ‘more comfortable’ than a cardboard applicator or ‘more sanitary’. We are not dirty!

How do you find the performance of reusable sanitary pads versus disposables?

This is something which I feel gets lost in the whole reusable debate. I’ve found that reusables have over-performed in terms of expectations. They don’t smell like disposables do, they’re far more comfortable and I believe they make periods less painful. Reusable pads are great if you’re prone to irritation and perfect for postpartum when your bits need a bit of extra TLC.

Do you wish you knew about them when you had Arthur?

They’re much better than the huge brick-like disposables you get after birth, aren’t they?! 😉 Luckily I’d looked into postpartum options, and can 100% agree that cloth is far superior to disposables. I would never go back! Who needs thick plastic pushed up against ‘there’ when you’ve just had a baby! Soft, comfortable and flexible cloth pads are far better.

What do you love about Bloom & Nora pads?

They’re soft, absorbent and wash really well! Washing is so easy. I have a little wet bag under my sink and I just pop them in there and wash with my standard wash. A rinse in cold water after use is definitely essential but I either do this by hand or run a short cold wash in the machine beforehand.

Did you worry about them being bulky or people seeing them?

I did at first but you really can’t tell.

What does Daddy Freckle think about reusable pads? Has he mistaken them for a funky eye mask at any point?

Mike is genuinely the most supportive husband I could ever ask for. He talks openly about period products and I think it’s so important to purposefully de-stigmatise period taboos. They do look very much like an eye mask though! Easily done! 😂

Do you have any advice for other people who are considering reusable pads?

Start with a Trial Kit and don’t put pressure on yourself to go full-time right away.

Do you have any top tips or period hacks you’d like to share?

You can neatly fold up the period pads by folding the long ends into the middle then popping the popper over.

What are your thoughts on period pride and education about plastic-free period products?

Everyone should feel confident and comfortable with talking about periods, however, we’ve been shamed into thinking that we should feel embarrassed about something perfectly normal. I’m passionate about empowering people to talk openly about periods!

Take Part in Environmenstrual Week

Has Sammi-Jo inspired you to be more period proud? You can get involved with this week of action by checking out the Environmenstrual Week homepage. There’s a #PeriodProud photo challenge, top tips on making the switch to plastic-free periods, and much more! And WEN have created a social media toolkit too, so you can help spread the word about plastic-free periods! This Environmenstrual Week at Bloom & Nora, we’re making it easier than ever to switch to reusable sanitary pads. Get 20% off our Trial Kits and find the right fit for you before swapping to cloth full-time. Each kit features a selection of different sized pads and a handy Out & About Bag for changes on the go.

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