Elizabeth shares her Bloom & Nora reusable cloth-pad story

Our latest padvocate tells us why she loves Bloom & Nora reusable cloth pads

We caught up with Elizabeth to hear all about her journey to plastic-free periods with cloth pads. Below, she gives advice and shares the truth about the “smell” of period products. Spoiler: there’s no smell with Bloom & Nora reusable cloth pads!


Why did you choose to use reusable cloth pads?

I’m trying to be more environmentally friendly and I’m passionate about having periods free from harmful chemicals.

We hear you, Elizabeth! Did you know conventional menstrual towels and tampons can contain dioxin (one of the most toxic substances known to humankind with exposure to it linked to endometriosis)? Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads are Oeko-Tex 100-certified, meaning absolutely zero harmful chemicals between your legs.

What do you love about Bloom & Nora?

I love how Bloom & Nora are a family business who source everything ethically.

Do you have a favourite print?

I love the Mighty design and the colours along with it.

From lightweight Liners to heavy-flow Mightys, our reusable sanitary pads come in five sizes for every kind of cycle. And our bold and beautiful prints are sure to brighten up the dreariest of period days — all without a sticky wing in sight!


Did you have any reservations to switching to reusables?

When I first heard about reusables I was a little grossed out. I always thought the smell that came from pads was from your body and not the chemicals within pads. I also felt grossed out about washing blood in the washing machine, but then I started to think about how if I ever had any leaks then this would be washed anyway.

It’s great to hear that Elizabeth’s preconceptions were banished once she started using her Bloom & Nora pads. And as for the infamous “period smell”, plastic period products can be pumped with up to 3,000 chemicals all in the name of “fragrance”. But synthetic fragrance is one of the most common contact allergens, causing itching, discomfort and… you guessed it... smells!

Do you use any other types of reusable/eco sanitary products?

I’ve used another brand of sanitary towels in the past before I tried Bloom & Nora and I sometimes use a cup if I’m going swimming.

Do you use them out and about?


How do you find reusables versus disposables?

I find them so convenient. They’re always there and ready to use, and you don’t have to worry about running out. There are no harmful chemicals, I know where they come from and there is also no waste.  

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! It really warms our hearts to hear real-life stories from our padvocates who are as passionate about Bloom & Nora products as we are.

Did you worry about them being bulky or people seeing them?

I did worry about that to start but I’ve found no problems with this — even when wearing leggings. Leggings actually look better as the pads are seamless.


What do your friends/family think? Have you converted anyone to reusables?

I’ve converted a few friends to reusables and they find them convenient and easy to use. They also like how it stops plastic waste and saves you money. I’ve also now converted a friend into using reusable nappies for her little one.  My mum and gran don’t need to use sanitary products, but they found it fascinating and my gran loved how it was going back to the “old days”.

What amazing plastic-free work Elizabeth is doing. She really is a one-woman army, fighting the waste war one cloth convert at a time. We salute you!

Do you have any advice for other people who are considering reusable pads?

I’d tell them all how Bloom & Nora pads absorb more than disposables. They’re cheaper in the long run and you won’t have to worry about ever running out.

Any top tips on using reusables?

My top tip would be to start off with a decent sized amount of pads. If you don’t have enough, it might put you off using them as you may find them time-consuming.

We recommend 10-12 reusable sanitary pads for a normal period. But if you’re not quite there yet, a small stash is a perfect first step into the world of plastic-free periods.  Our Trial Kits come with a Mini, Midi, Maxi and Mighty reusable cloth pad, so you can find the right fit for your flow. Pick up your kit today and join the growing number of proud Bloom & Nora cloth-pad converts.

Thanks for all those great pics and for taking the time to review our pads, Elizabeth! If you’d like to take part and become a cloth pad padvocate, give us a shout on social or email us at hello@bloomandnora.com.