Eek, My Bladder Leaks! Try Nora Reusable Pads for Stress Incontinence

Nora reusable pads for stress incontinence catch any accidental bladder leaks so you can sneeze, laugh and jump worry-free!

Does your body take the phrase ‘PMSL’ a little too literally? You’re not alone. The NHS estimates that between three and six million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence. However, the true number of people affected is unknown because many people find this problem too embarrassing to share.

Here at Bloom & Nora, we want to break the taboo that surrounds the weird and wonderful liquids that leave our bodies (sometimes without permission!) That’s why we created reusable pads for stress incontinence and periods.

Say Hello to Nora

Our Nora pads for stress incontinence have an innovative core that draws moisture deep into the pad, and their stay-dry surface never feels wet. This means you’ll feel comfortable and dry when your bladder decides to sneak a leak at short notice. Plus, their clever little binding keeps any wetness firmly in the pad and away from your knickers.

  • Soft, stay-dry surface
  • Stain-repellent
  • Quick-drying
  • Waterproof underside of pad
  • Stay-dry binding to stop leaks
  • Popper tabs to keep them firmly in place
  • Contoured slim fit
  • Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics
  • Made in the UK

Embarrassed to Buy Incontinence Pads? Urine Luck!

We know that society still doesn’t welcome issues like periods and incontinence with open arms, and that people can feel embarrassed when buying sanitary products at the shops. Of course, we don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed about, but if you don’t love the idea of everyone knowing about those pesky knicker trickles, our online store means you can have your reusable pads delivered right to your door. Hooray!

Spend a Penny & Save Them Too

Wearing disposable plastic pads for stress incontinence means you have to re-buy them time and time again. This doesn’t just hurt your bank balance, it hurts the planet too. Did you know it can take 500 years for a plastic pad to breakdown in landfill? Not cool. Our Nora pads can be reused for up to 10 years, saving our already overflowing landfills and saving you from literally throwing your money away.

Jump for Joy with Noras

A Nora a day keeps the bladder leaks at bay. Pick up a three-pack of Bloom & Nora Mini pads for stress incontinence to try our confidence-boosting and comfy reusable pads for yourself. Minis are 21 cm long and hold up to 40 ml.

It’s worth bearing in mind that our reusable incontinence pads are designed for minor bladder leaks only. If you suffer from severe stress incontinence or it’s impacting your quality of life negatively, please see your local GP for a personalised plan.