Cocktails and Mocktails - perfect for the festive season!

Serving you up our list of top Cocktails and Mocktails... to see you through the festive period!


The B&N team have really enjoyed putting this selection together, not only choosing the drinks but discussing our favourite bar accessories and festive garnishes too! We are all prepped and ready to raise a glass this Christmas to health and happiness! Come on in and join us!

The cocktails and mocktails that feature on our menu are:

  • MB Zinger
  • Raspberry Martini
  • Classic Snowball
  • Mimosa Mocktail  

So polish those glasses, prep your garnish, top up the ice bucket and don your favourite party frock… it’s time to get mixing!

We started with the MB Zinger – this one is a perfect family cocktail as it can simply be made into a mocktail too, just leave out the brandy.


  • 300ml/10fl oz cranberry juice
  • 150ml/5fl oz bitter lemon
  • 1tbsp brandy
  • 1 lime, halved and sliced
  • mint leaves, to garnish

Mix the cranberry juice, bitter lemon and brandy together in a large jug and pour over ice into the glass of your choice. Garnish with lime and mint and serve straight away.

I made this in a larger Christmassy tumbler glass, but a long glass would be fab too! It was indeed zingy and very tasty, I love lemon and lime flavours, so this was perfect and it looked lovely with some cranberry and mint garnish! Definitely recommended.

Top tip: Double up your quantities and store in a nice carafe, (they have fab, great value glass ones at Ikea at the moment), then you can pour your guests top ups nice and quick to keep the festivities flowing! 


The next cocktail on the menu is the Raspberry Martini. I loved the deep red colour, it looks so Christmassy so we knew it had to be on our list.


  • 50ml Vodka
  • 12.5 ml Chambord
  • 12.5 ml Sugar Syrup
  • 10 Raspberries

In a cocktail glass muddle ten raspberries with the sugar syrup until you've got a nice pulp. Add in the vodka and Chambord and shake with ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into the glass and garnish with a couple of raspberries on a stick before serving.

(I mashed the raspberries & syrup in the cocktail shaker, everything blended well, so I guess you can do it this way too.)

It tasted quite delicious... sweet and velvety, in a way. Maybe I used a couple of extra raspberries, but who’s counting?!

Next up, our offering couldn’t be complete without the classic Christmas cocktail the Snowball!

I got direction from the ever trusty BBC Good Food site. However once mixed, my quantity looked suitably less than in their picture... so my snowball went into a cocktail glass! It looked very pretty though! I opted for an extra large lump of ice for the wow factor! 


  • 10-15ml Lime juice or lime cordial
  • 50ml Advocaat
  • 50ml sparkling lemonade
  • Ice to serve
  • Cherry to garnish

Fill a glass with ice, add the lime cordial, advocaat and lemonade, stir gently until the outside of the glass feels cold. Garnish.

The advocaat offers up a rich and creamy smooth, almost custard-like consistency, but this paired with the lime cordial and lemonade makes for a frothy, bold taste – which having never tasted before, is now a new firm favourite! I cannot wait to make these over the festive period and see what the rest of the family think! Apparently it was my Granny’s favourite, and now I know why!

Don’t worry we haven’t completely forgotten about those preferring to sup modest mockails instead…

Next up a perfectly simple, but very tasty Mimosa – so, replacing the alcoholic bubbles of prosecco or champagne is a flavoured sparkling water. We used mango fizzy water, but chose whatever flavour you fancy (grapefruit or lemon is often suggested) but I think the outcome will be similar, a tangy, bubbly drink that makes you feel happy!! It’s so simple to make and easy to spruce up with pretty garnish. It might be the perfect dry January substitute or something to ease you into brunch on Christmas Day, you can switch in the alcoholic bubbles whenever you are ready, if you’d like to.


  • 30 ounces Fresh Orange Juice 2-2/3 cups
  • 18 ounces Grapefruit or Lemon Sparkling Water* 1-1/2 (12) ounce cans

Into a carafe pour in fresh orange juice and fruit flavoured sparkling water. Stir and pour into 6-ounce champagne flutes. (I opted for a slightly more festive, green stemmed vessel!)

My little ones loved getting in on the mocktail action and with everyone enjoying a special treat it really gets you in the Christmas spirit!

And finally, like a great bonus track, our very own mixologist (Head of Marketing) has added her personal favourite to end this festive list...

Gin-gle All the Way!


  • 50ml Gin
  • 25ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Orange Juice
  • 15ml Campari
  • 1 tsp Caster Sugar 
  • 1 Egg white

Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice & shake well. Pour into your glass and garish with a grating of nutmeg, orange peel or cocktail cherries!

And doesn't it look stunning! 


Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year! Hic!