Bloomer or Nora: Which Cloth Sanitary Pad Should I Choose?

You’re armed with all the eco-friendly facts about cloth sanitary pads and you’re ready to buy. Woohoo! But which of our two pads is right for you?

 You’re probably here because you’ve been thinking about swapping to cloth sanitary pads for a while now and you just need a tiny bit more information to finally make the switch. But just in case you’re still in your fact-finding stage, let’s quickly go over some scary truths about disposable period products:

  • Tampons, pads and applicators generate 200,000 tonnes of waste per year
  • Plastic products can take centuries to decompose in landfills or in the ocean
  • Synthetic fragrances found in disposable period products can be made up of a cocktail of 3,000 chemicals

Not cool, right? That’s why we created two eco-friendly (and body-healthy) cloth sanitary pads. Say hello to our Bloomers and Noras!


Made from soft bamboo fleece our bold and beautiful Bloomers brighten up any dreary period days. These cloth sanitary pads are perfect for those who prefer natural fabrics next to their skin, and the leak-free binding keeps wetness strictly inside the pad. Because of bamboo’s natural super-absorbency, Bloomers hold slightly more liquid than Noras.

Small and compact for light days or flows. Length approx. 21 cm, holds up to 65 ml. 

A mid-sized pad for those medium-flow days. Length approx. 26 cm, holds up to 90 ml.

Designed perfectly for heavy-flow days and great for overnight too. Length approx. 29 cm, holds up to 170 ml.

Our Mightys have you covered on the heaviest days and nights, and are perfect for postpartum bleeding too. Length approx. 32 cm, holds up to 195 ml.


If bright white pads are your cup of tea, then our Nora cloth sanitary pads are for you. Their stay-dry interior draws wetness away from the surface, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your cycle. Plus, the high-tech fabric repels stains to keep them looking in tip-top condition for years to come. Noras come in five sizes and they can be used for periods or bladder leaks.

Tiny but tremendous, this dainty panty liner is perfect for using along with a cup. Use for those last days, just-in-case days or gym days. Length approx. 16 cm.

Perfect for light days or flows, and a great little pad for stress incontinence. Length approx. 21 cm, holds up to 40 ml.

For those medium-flow days. Length approx. 26 cm, holds up to 50ml.

Designed for heavy-flow days and overnight use. Length approx. 29 cm, holds up to 125 ml.

Have a positive period on heavy days and nights. Length approx. 32 cm, holds up to 140 ml.

Quick-Look Differences

  • Noras have a stain-repellent white surface, Bloomers come in bold colours.
  • Noras have a stay-dry top layer and a core that draws in wetness. This means that no matter how full your pad is, you should always feel nice and dry.
  • Because Bloomers are made from natural bamboo, you might feel some wetness on the surface of the pad — but the leak-free binding means nothing will migrate to your knickers!
  • Bloomers might stain, but they really don’t tend to. Like our Noras, just give them a rinse under the cold tap after use then wash within 48 hours.

Why Try Bloom & Nora

We’ve chatted about the differences, now let’s talk about what our two pads have in common! Both pads have a clever binding give total leak-protection, both are super-soft, and both pads are free from any harmful chemicals. Lovely stuff!

So, are you ready to convert to cloth and live fluffily ever after? Most first-timers choose a Bloomer Trial Kit or a Nora Trial Kit. This way, you can sample the different sizes of our cloth sanitary pads before committing to reusables full-time. Remember to let us know what you think on social media or on Trustpilot — we love hearing from you!