Bloom & Nora Reusable Face Wipes

Waste and Chemical Free Cleansing for carefree skin

Reusable facial wipes are better for your face and better for the environment. It’s a fact, but not something that everyone realises, with most people picking up disposable make up wipes as part of their weekly shop. But perhaps the huge fatberg problem they create and the alarming effects on your skin will make you think twice before you swipe once and toss them in the trash!

A very wise make-up artist, Laura Dawson, once told us never to use facial wipes to remove make up. Following a bit of research on disposable make up wipes we were horrified to discover that they are very rarely able to break down and remove makeup grime and oils effectively, so you’re actually rubbing bacteria, perfumes, chemicals and day old make up around your face and into your pores. Pretty gross, right? This can cause dehydration and breakouts as well as irritation as the pH of your skin is upset and traumatised by this so-called minimalistic beauty routine. You’re actually much better using a cleanser, water and a reusable face cloth for keeping your skin plump and peachy clean.

Apart from their negative effects on your skin, it’s time to face up to what single use wipes are doing to the environment too.  These ‘handy’ little pieces of single use plastic are bought in their masses; for everything from removing make up to fixing fake tan. They’re used just once and either binned or even worse, flushed down the loo!

Shockingly, the number of wet wipes found on UK beaches has increased by 700% in the last decade (city to sea) and most fat bergs consist of 93% wipe…and a small amount of fat! Just another disgusting wet wipe fact. And a costly one at that as they can result in some pretty hefty plumbing bills, for you and for your local council. Because of the waste issues surrounding the use of single use wipes, there is a greater focus on switching to reusable wipes instead, educating the nation that we need to stop single use plastic waste being flushed into our sewage system.

A cost-effective, chemical-free and eco-friendly way to do this is to switch to Bloom & Nora reusable wipes - an easy and lush alternative to disposables! It’s time to say goodbye to throwing thousands of wipes to landfill and in the loo and say hello to cleaner and blemish free skin. Bloom & Nora reusable wipes are free from irritating chemicals, contain no single-use plastic waste and are designed to gently and effortlessly remove make up in one sweep or keep ‘lady bits’ fresh as a daisy without irritation. Just for the record, our #padvocate Amanda recently attended her smear test appointment and the nurse commented on how much she loathed fragranced feminine wipes as they disrupt the pH of your vagina. So, if you fancy a freshen up before bearing your bits at whatever opportunity you may have, then Bloom & Nora wipes are your saviour!  We’ve made it easy to wipe both your face and your nether regions without getting muddled up; pink for face and blue for body.

There is also the added benefit that they will never run out and you’ll save yourself some well-earned pounds in the long run (disclaimer – from your purse, not your bottom, sorry!).

Stay fresh faced and fancy free and buy your one and only pack of reusable face and body wipes to last you a lifetime. Reusable wipes available in packs of 10 for just £8.95 on our webstore.