Bloom & Nora Padvocate Sarah shares her reusable period pad story

The latest team Padvocate to share her reusable period pad story with you is Sarah, cloth bum mum and part of the Bloom & Nora team.

Although Sarah had used TotsBots reusable nappies on her babies she wasn’t aware of any eco-alternatives to disposable pads before Bloom & Nora were launched. She decided to give them a go post-partum and since switching hasn’t looked back; in fact making the switch to reusable pads has inspired her to make even more eco-swaps in other aspects of her life too.


Why did you choose to use reusables? Did you use them post-partum? I started using reusable pads postpartum with my second little one, it was perfectly timed too as it wasn’t long after Bloom & Nora was launched. I had used cloth nappies on both my kids, but I didn’t know reusable period pads existed so it wasn’t something I had considered before. Once I realised there was a reusable option for me too, I thought “Why not?” , gave them a go and have never looked back!

What do you love about Bloom & Nora? I love how comfortable they are. Bloomers were incredible after childbirth, so soft and much kinder to my sensitive bits than disposable pads.

Do you have a favourite print? I love the boldness of Flirt 😉

Are you a Bloomer or a Nora? I was originally a Bloomer when I started out, now I’m a Nora! I like the stay-dry feeling.


Did you have any reservations to switching to reusables? Not at all, as I was already using cloth nappies with my babies so it wasn’t much of a jump at all.

Do you use any other types of reusable/eco sanitary products? I also use a cup, and a Nora pad is perfect to use alongside it. In addition to using cloth nappies on both the children, I have switched to a non-disposable razor and swapped liquid for bars of soap, which has actually helped my kids’ skin. Next step is kitchen swaps! - We love how making one eco-swap for your monthly flow can lead to more switches elsewhere in your daily routine, it just takes one pad to change the habit for life.

How do you store yours? I store mine with the nappies, in our nappy bucket.

Do you use them out and about? Absolutely, the out & about bag makes it so easy!

How do you find reusables v disposables? Reusables are more comfortable, and they don’t have that awful ‘sticky’ feeling either, I find they last longer too.

Did you worry about them being bulky or people seeing them? No, not at all, I have even worn them to exercise classes and I don’t worry that people can see them either; they’re really very discreet.


What do your friends/family think? They don’t really bother at all as they are used to me using reusable nappies so this is nothing new. My sister has tried them and likes them, she uses mini with her cup, the same as I do. I have converted a few friends too who like me, wouldn't go back to disposables.

Do you have any advice for other mums who are considering reusable pads? Just go slowly if you are unsure at first. Try a couple in the house throughout the day then once you realise you wont get any leaks, start using them overnight and when you are out and about.

Any top tips on using reusables? Don’t overthink it, especially the washing, it so easy and no different to washing your undies.  Build a stash and rather than investing all at once, in case like me you change your preference for pad type. Have a couple of out & about bags too, one for washing and one for using on the go.

Have you converted anyone to reusables? Yes, my sister and some fellow cloth Mummy friends 😊

There you have it, go slow, don’t overthink it and you too can be cycling in comfort and style just like Sarah. The first step in making changes is being aware of the alternatives out there, and if you’re reading this, you’re already aware there are reusable alternatives to disposable pads so well done! Pop over to our website and look at the trial packs, they contain one of each size and a waterproof bag. We also have a very handy pad finder tool to help you decide if you’re a Bloomer or a Nora; use code TRY15 to get a cheeky 15% off and soon you too could be having a cycle in comfort and style with Bloom and Nora reusable sanitary pads, try a Trial Pack.