Bloom & Nora Padvocate Laura

Helping you make the switch to reusable period pads

We’re all about raising awareness of softer, more absorbent period pads that will reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill each month. We are only one company though, and as lovely as our pads are, we count on our customers, aka our trusty padvocates, to help us spread the word as far as it will go and break the stigma of talking about period products. We were lucky enough to meet up with local #padvocate, Laura, to hear how she got started using reusable period pads, and why she loves Bloom & Nora. We had lots of fun on the day and love the fact she tells her friends about our products. Laura is all for positive periods and we were really proud to share her advice. Here is what she had to say.

Choosing –

Choosing reusable period pads is something that most people won’t even consider. They hear the word ‘wash’ and instantly their face screws up in disgust and they quickly retract and make do with a chemical filled, glue backed single use pad. Not Laura…

Why did you choose to use reusables?  I was already using cloth nappies (TotsBots) on my kids so figured why not give reusable pads a go. I used cloth nappies once I became aware of how much waste they create and switched to reusable sanitary pads for the same reason.

Did you have any concerns before you started using them?  No, I like to think I’m quite open minded, so I wasn’t put off by the washing or anything. I think you just have to give it a go and you’ll see that they’re much better than disposables.

Did you worry about them being bulky or being seen under your clothing?  No, it’s not something I ever worry about. They are comfortable and not obvious at all under clothing.

What do you love about Bloom & Nora?  They are really comfy and very absorbent. I use another brand too, but prefer Bloom & Nora, are they are much less flimsy, so I feel more confident wearing them. I also like the fact that the company is local to me and they’re made right here in the UK.

Do you have a favourite print? I’m not too bothered about the prints; the performance is more important to me…but the TotsBots cloth nappy prints are a whole other matter!

Are you a Bloomer or a Nora fan?  I am a Nora fan! I have both types in my kit but prefer the Nora period pads because they feel dryer on and also, they wash up really well. I’ve never had to worry about stains.


Using reusable period pads are just like using a disposable pad, but with much more benefits! You don’t have to change as often, don’t have to worry about leaks and they are much comfier on your bits too. We constantly get feedback from customers to say that they will never go back to disposables and we’re hoping that more people will follow suit if they would just give them a go. Laura didn’t need much persuading, but she is always keen to persuade her friends and family to make the switch for a more comfortable period.

Did you have any reservations to switching to reusables?  No, I jumped right in!  I had already overcome any concerns about performance and using them by using cloth nappies first. Reusable products are much nicer and work better in my experience. Plus, I was already into a routine with washing & drying the nappies, so it was an easy switch for me.

Do you use any other types of reusable / eco sanitary products? I use another brand of reusable period pads and used to use a cup. I have the contraceptive implant, so my periods are all over the place and I find the pads are great regardless of my flow. I only use them now and Bloom & Nora are my favourites.

Do you use them out and about?

Yes…I have an out and about bag. I don't bother rinsing when out and about but instead, rinse them at home and then stick them in the nappy bucket. Potty training will start soon so won’t be washing nappies and have worked out my new system already! We put our used bath towels straight in the machine until its time to wash, so will just pop my used pads in with them, give them a rinse and wash as normal. I always think it’s just like washing your period pants so no need to freak out about putting them in your machine.

That’s right – you don’t have to rinse your reusable pads when out and about if it’s not convenient. Just pop them in your out & about bag, then store until you get home. It’s actually easier as you don’t have to fidget with the plastic wrapper from a disposable pad in a public loo. Just pop, store and go!

How did you find disposable pads compared to reusable period pads?  I had to use disposables on holiday recently and suddenly noticed how plasticky they felt. They weren’t comfortable at all and I didn't feel confident wearing them. Was glad to get back to my Nora pads.


What do your friends / family think? On the morning after my birthday one year I sat on my bed and gave two of my friends a Bloom & Nora demo…one of them has made the switch and uses a cup too ;-) I love knowing that people have enough information to make the switch. It’s a no brainer for me.

Do you have any advice for others who are considering reusable pads?  I think just get a Trial Pack and give it a go. It’s enough pads to let you try them and it won’t break the bank. I’d be surprised if people used them and didn’t like them.

Take it from Laura and put any concerns aside and give reusable period pads a go. Once you’ve bought a little kit, you’ll love your time of the month and never have to buy another disposable sanitary pad again.  Buy our reusable period pad Trial Kits HERE.