Bloom & Nora Padvocate Courtney shares her reusable pad story

Meet Courtney the latest padvocate to share her reusable pad story and also part of the team here at Bloom & Nora.  

Initially a little apprehensive about going back to pads after so many years of using tampons, she quickly found the comfort and convenience of reusable pads were worth the switch. She is now a full convert, happily encouraging friends and family to try Bloom & Nora whenever she can.


Why did you choose to use reusables? Before I started working for Bloom & Nora I was looking at ways to reduce my waste and was already considering using a cup or period pants, But as I’ve never been much of a pad user, reusable pads weren’t something that I had considered, so I have to admit my initial trial was on the job market research! Now though after trying out a few, I don’t know why I ever dismissed them, it’s so easy! I didn’t know about the chemicals in disposables either before I started working at Bloom & Nora, and I was pretty horrified when I found out what goes into them: now it’s one of the main reasons why I won’t go back to disposables.

What do you love about Bloom & Nora? They’re so soft and comfortable. I was put off using pads from a young age because I always felt a bit sweaty and uncomfortable in them. There would always give me rubbing marks and I found they folded up in my pants so didn’t really work. As quite a shy teenager I was always worried about the rustle in the toilet cubicle; that they would be visible under my clothing, or even worse, they would leak! I expected all pads to be like this and just thought they weren’t for me, I’m so glad I gave these a go now as I couldn’t go back to disposables, they’re so much easier to use than any other period protection I have.

Do you have a favourite print? I really like the Amelia print. The colours and different shaped bloomers are fun. I have an Out & About bag in this print too for my reusable wipes which I use when I go away, it brightens up my toiletry bag.

Are you a bloomer or a nora? I’m definitely a Bloomer. I prefer the bamboo topper compared to the stay-dry of the Nora’s.


Did you have any reservations about switching to reusables? My main reservation was going back to pads after years of only using tampons. The fact that they were reusable, or that I had to wash them didn’t bother me.

Do you use any other types of reusable / eco sanitary products? I have a cup as well but to be honest I find the whole putting it in and taking it out a little awkward and more of a faff than popping a pad on and rinsing it after.

How do you store yours? I have them folded in a box with all my other toiletries in my bathroom so they’re right there when I need them. I have a waterproof bag to keep them in until I’m putting a wash on.

How do you find reusables v disposables? Reusable pads a so much comfier than disposables pads or even tampons. They’re no more hassle, it’s just different.

Did you worry about them being bulky or people seeing them? I don’t in my everyday clothes but when I had to wear one to the gym I did worry you could see it through my leggings. You can’t – I had to have my boyfriend check and he assured me he couldn’t see it at all!


What do your friends / family think? Some friends are really into the idea of giving them a go, and others I’m still working on convincing. They all think it’s great for the environment though, which is good!

Have you converted anyone to reusables? Quite a few friends have started using them now but my sister was the biggest convert, and most surprising one. I gave her some when she was going to live in Mongolia for a year and she absolutely loved them! A few friends have started using them as panty liners too alongside other protection or just to the gym to keep them feeling fresh.

Any top tips on using reusables? Don’t feel you need to go all in all at once. Try one at night or during the day when you’re at home and see how you get on, then build up from there. It’s really easy. You just wash them with the rest of your washing, and hang up to dry.

For Courtney the comfort and ease of reusable pads, outweighs any ‘convenience’ of disposables, and add in the Bloom & Nora Oeko-Tex certification there’s the peace of mind she not putting any chemicals near her bits. Why not take her advice and give one a go at home, we have single pads and triples which are an easy step to starting out, just try the handy pad selector and find out if you’re a Bloomer or a Nora using our helpful pad finder tool and you are well on your way.