Bloom & Nora Maxis: The Best Sanitary Pads for your Heavy Flow

Try our super-absorbent reusable sanitary pads for your heavy flow and wave goodbye to leaky, crinkly disposables.

 It’s not unusual to feel held hostage by the inconvenience of heavy periods, especially if you can’t find a pad for your heavy flow that actually absorbs blood properly. But don’t worry! Bloom & Nora’s reusable maxi pads are here to set you free from the days of unreliable disposables. Hooray!

What Counts as Heavy Bleeding?

Because what feels heavy for one person may be normal for another, defining a heavy period can be a pretty difficult task. Most people lose less than 80 ml of blood during their period, which is about 6-8 teaspoons.

Heavy bleeding is having a period that lasts more than seven days, losing anything more than 80 ml during a period or both. You probably have heavy periods if:

  • You have to change your sanitary products every 1-2 hours
  • Your pass blood clots larger than 2.5 cm (about the size of a 10p coin)
  • You bleed through to your clothes or bedding
  • You need to use multiple period products together (like tampons and pads)

Heavy periods don’t always have an underlying cause, but in some cases, they can be due to conditions like fibroids or endometriosis. Remember to visit your GP if:

  • You're worried about your bleeding
  • Your periods have got heavier
  • You have period pain or bleeding between your periods

The Best Pads for a Heavy Flow

With an emphasis on comfort, performance and durability, Bloom & Nora award-winning reusable sanitary pads have been specially designed to suit every kind of period — including the heaviest of flows. Our secret weapon? A leak-free binding that keeps any wetness strictly inside the pad.

Our reusable sanitary pads don’t just protect your pants, they protect the planet too! Every pad is free from harmful chemicals and can be used up to 150 times over 10 years. Plus, all of our waterproof fabric is made from recycled plastic!


Don’t like to feel like you’re on your period? Our Nora Maxis have a stay-dry surface that draws wetness into the core. Their stain-repellent high-tech fabric keeps these white pads looking white for years to come!

Approximate pad size:
29 cm, holds up to 125 ml


If you like natural fabrics next to your skin, our Bloomer Maxis are the perfect pads for your heavy flow. Beautiful bamboo makes them super-soft and comfortable, and the popper fastening keeps your pad safely in your pants. Because of bamboo’s natural absorbency, these clever pads hold slightly more liquid than Noras.

Approximate pad size:
29 cm, holds up to 170 ml

Join the Reusable Revolution

“I've finally found a brand that understands that some of us have extremely heavy periods” Trustpilot

“I don't have to get up in the night anymore to change” Trustpilot

Heavy periods shouldn’t mean that you have to hide inside the house in tatty period knickers waiting for “inevitable” leaks — and with Bloom & Nora, you won’t! Pick up our three-packs of maxi pads for your heavy flow and join our growing army of cloth converts today!