Become a waste less warrior with reusable sanitary pads

Switch to reusable sanitary pads for European Week for Waste Reduction

This week is European week for waste reduction, a great time to ditch disposables for a reusable equivalent so why not make reusable sanitary pads one of those switches? The importance of this week is to raise awareness and encourage change. It might seem crazy, but not everyone is aware of the detrimental impact that single-use period plastic is having on our planet. A large percentage of those who are aware are not receptive or motivated to reduce the amount they throw away each month to help unnecessary plastic waste from going into landfill or ending up in the sea and it’s time we changed that, so here is our tuppenceworth - gently encouraging of course!

Throwing single-use items away without a thought has become a habit many find hard to break. It’s easy to forget about something once you throw it in the bin, but the truth is, single-use plastic waste doesn’t vanish very quickly, and it is becoming a huge problem. The plastic pads that people throw away today will still be on this earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years from now. Think of it this way, those 400-year-old blood-stained plastic pad will be around longer than we are. Pretty gross, eh?

Half of all plastics ever made by man have been manufactured in the past 15 years. It’s awful to see how we have escalated this issue in such a small space of time, all in the name of convenience. Climate change isn’t very convenient, is it? Who would have thought this situation would have become so dire in such a short time. But not all is lost as little changes when they all add up, can make a big difference. In addition to effectively recycling the waste we have already produced, we can easily reduce our future consumption of single-use products too with some simple swaps - like reusable sanitary pads.

When you choose Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads, you are not only reducing waste for the future; you are setting an example to your peers and leading the way.  It’s also worth mentioning that you are supporting a company that is leading the way too as we are the only brand to use 100%  recycled polyester made from plastic bottles in our whole range, turning a throwaway habit into one that helps reduce waste even further. It is a two for one switch combining recycling and future waste prevention, and we love it.

Reusable sanitary pads are so much better for you too. Unlike disposables, they do not contain harmful chemicals and are soft next to your sensitive bits. It is a win for you and the environment, hooray! Pick up a Trial Pack of Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads today and be a waste less warrior today.