Beat the gym bunny Bloomers with reusable sanitary pads!

A Padvocate for reusable sanitary pads.

When toying with making the switch to reusable sanitary pads we understand that you want a pad that will back up your daily life. Aunt Flo should never stop you from being who you are, and life should never have to stop for your monthlies. We heard from two lovely ladies who power through their period with Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads, so gym fix or dancing shoes you are safe with Bloom and Nora!

Gym Bunny Bloomers! (by Bloom & Nora member of staff who wishes to remain anonymous)

You are not going to believe what happened to me at my gym class last night. Conveniently my period fell on a gym day and in an effort to continue my trial of mini bloomers, I decided to brave it and wear one to my class. Donning my new pair of purple leggings (which were already a step outside the comfort zone for me!) I snuck in to the back of the class, as I prefer feeling inconspicuous, ready to start the class in my safety zone, “Stay here and all will be well” I think to myself. I spoke too soon after the first track had finished they made everyone pair up; well I was too busy wiping my sweaty brow and wondering if my pad was showing that I missed the call out to pair up with a partner. It slowly dawned on me I had to pair with the teacher. I squirmed all the way to the front. Yes, that’s right, up at the front of the class, my reusable sanitary pad and sweaty bum squatting, running and jumping for all to see; it was truly awful, my face matched my new leggings. I was mortified that now the whole class knew my name but I was also convinced that my new pad was visible in full rear squat view. Demo over I scurried to the back to the class where my heart rate and mortification levels slowly recovered.

I shared the story with my boyfriend as soon as I got home, he immediately offered to check my bum out to see if the pad was visible and as it turns out no pad could be seen. Oh, and it stayed put too, didn’t leak and didn’t stick, all that blooming worry for nothing! Next month I’ll do a spin class and report back so watch this space.

A Padvocate on the pole. Alison @athena_aerial_fitness

Since starting my period at age 12 I have never been able to use tampons and have always been a pad user. 

When I started pole and aerial dancing, period week was always something to dread. Having to have a lot of skin exposed in order to grip the equipment means having to wear small shorts or knickers, not ideal during a period, especially for a pad user! I would have to change my pad at least once per hour lesson, they were so sweaty and uncomfortable, even the plastic-free ones. Often as well, the pad wings would pop out around the edge of my pants just to let the whole class know it was period time! All this along with the rustling of the plastic between my legs made for an altogether unpleasant experience.

I was delighted when I discovered Bloom and Nora reusable sanitary pads. I sent off for a trial pack and I was instantly hooked. They are so super soft and absorbent and the cloth next to my skin feels just like a pair of knickers. They are absolutely perfect for pole, no sweating, no rustling, no sneaky wings popping out. And the cool patterns mean that if they do show, it just looks like a pair of knickers underneath my shorts instead of a white plastic pad; no exposing myself to the rest of the class! The different size options mean I can use a bigger pad and go the whole lesson without feeling sweaty and uncomfortable and without fear of leaks. I now have a whole Bloom and Nora reusable sanitary pad collection and I will never use disposable pads again! 

My choice is Bloom & Noras a pad for every scenario and day.

Thank you Bloom and Nora, I’m a true padvocate! 

If a pole and aerial dancer can perform happily in her reusable sanitary pads then surely that will convince you that you don’t look like you are wearing a nappy and waddle like a duck during your eco-friendly period. We were really amazed at Alison's pics too, not just at her skill and strength but there isn’t even a tiny bit of pad to be seen either! We also have to thank her for the phrase padvocate, pure period genius. We love a good pun here and will definitely be using that one going forward. So, become a padvocate today and make your next period a sporty one with Bloom & Nora luxuriously soft reusable sanitary pads!