Back Weekends away with Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads

Don’t throw away your weekends with reusable sanitary pads.

The fancy hotel is booked your slinky lingerie is packed and just like that you're swapping your beautiful lace set for your comfies and reusable pads. Fear not! Just because Aunt Flo is doing her best to ruin your fabulous, plans Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads have got your back. Don't be daunted at the prospect of going away with your pads, or dart to the nearest shop and panic buy weekend plastic pad supplies. Aunt Nora says keep calm and carry on and here are her top tips for travelling with your reusable pads;

  • Don’t get your knickers in a twist just pack enough pads! Two nights away with your beau is exciting, so pack your bathroom bag with all you need for 3 days away from home.

  • Your Bathroom bag is essential. Once used you can rinse your pads and pop them in here where they will stay sealed in until you get home to wash them. The Bathroom bag is completely waterproof in design, it even has waterproof zips, so you can be confident they will be fine in here until you get home to the washing machine.

  • But what if 3 days turn in to a week! Relax, this is the best news! Pack a little tub of detergent. Bloom & Nora reusable pads have been designed to wash and dry easily, so if you are away for longer you can hand wash them with a little Potion magic or non-bio detergent and hang them up to dry.

  • Why wear polyester when you can wear silk. Pack the clothes that make you feel fabulous. A weekend away is a luxury, so don’t compromise on that by going back to the knicker stickers, instead, your perfect luxury weekend companion is your fluffy comfortable reusable pad. Bloom & Noras are designed to fit with your wardrobe, no more scrunchy noises and discreet too, so dress up, and relax for some down time.

  • Keep the adventures coming, preempt the side effects. You already took the jump to reusable pads, the absorption of these little fluffers is unbeatable so you can continue cycling in style when you're out on your adventures. But, make sure you are prepared for the other side effects of Aunt Flo's visit. Pack your pain killers, ginger tea bags and a few bananas, all neat little tricks to help with the period bloat and aches and pains associated with your period.

So no dirty weekends away cheating on your reusable pads with their plastic one-night stands. You can love your Bloom and Nora reusable pads forever, (well 10 years or so) now that's positively period!