Are reusable sanitary pads better than disposable pads?

Reusable sanitary pads v disposables pads

We know what a lot of people think when the idea of reusable sanitary pads is floated as an alternative to disposable pads. Eyebrows are raised at the thought of the unknown and the same preconceptions pop up time and time again;

More hassle?

More disgusting?

Less reliable?

…well actually, none of the above! But what about more absorbent? That one is a definite YES!

With Greta Thunberg leading the way in raising awareness of the climate crisis, we know that there are a lot of amazing people out there who want to make a difference. But in our consumable world this can be difficult to navigate and when popular opinion and lack of awareness can easily sway the masses, being a trailblazer can seem scary…but you’ve got this. The benefits more than outweigh any reservations you might have by far.

With Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads, you don’t have to plan your outfits or underwear based on how best to disguise potential leaks, you won’t spend a fortune buying a product that you never truly trust and you won’t have to throw anything in the bin. Reusable pads are totally legit and totally amazing. You use them, you wash them, and you will love them, time of the month after time of the month. Here's why...

Why choose reusable sanitary pads

We know what pad we would rather have in our knickers, but don’t just take our advice. Our customers continually give us positive Trustpilot reviews every week and we’re so happy that they’re in agreement that our reusable pads are surprisingly hassle free and lovely to wear…

“The pads are so much more comfortable than disposable ones. More absorbent than expected too. I didn't have to get up in the night to change for the first time in years.” - Sarah

“This was a gamble for me - it seems like a lot of money initially and I was worried it would be a hassle and faff and that it would possibly not even work. How wrong I was! They are really well made, so pretty, robust AND practical too - with the whole bag/compartments plus poppers on the pads. Honestly felt so comfortable and nice next to my skin - much more natural. Kept me safe - no leakage and actually super easy to just wash. Long term I will be saving a fortune too! Love them and highly recommend.” - Polly

So, leave your worries behind, go with the flow and make your next period a reusable one with reliable Bloom & Nora pads. Have a play on our pad selector to see which reusable sanitary pad will be your best period pal or pick up a Trial Kit to try them for yourself.