Are reusable pads hygienic?

Have you thought about making the switch to reusable period pads but not quite taken the plunge?

We wanted to talk to you about reusables and explain how, when it comes to hygiene (and much more!) reusable period pads top disposables.

So, let’s get straight to it. At Bloom & Nora, we are passionate about our reusable pads – they are planet-friendly, absorbent and made with natural fabrics making them super soft and comfy to wear. However, we understand changing from disposables to reusable can be daunting and you’ll have lots of questions.

To arm you with all the facts when it comes to menstrual health and hygiene, we’re sharing and answering some of our audiences’ top questions…

  • Why are reusable pads better for my health? Disposable pads contain known carcinogens, allergens, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These chemicals can irritate your skin and unbalance your PH. Our reusable products contain no nasty substances, just natural fabric next to your skin.
  • What are the benefits of wearing a pad with natural fabrics? The natural fabrics used in our pads allow your skin to breathe, avoiding odours and bacteria. A quick change every 3-4 hours is all that’s needed.
  • What if I need to change when out and about? Our handy Out-and-About bag has got you covered. With two separate zip compartments, you simply pop your fresh pads in one side of the bag and your used in the other, ready to rinse when you get home.
  • Do reusable pads stain? Washing reusable pads is quick and straightforward - you just need to rinse your pads in cold water after use and wash within 48 hours to prevent any staining.
  • Do reusable pads smell? Not at all! Simply rinse your pads within a few hours of being used.  Did you know bathroom bins are the ideal environment for a build-up of bacteria, and bacteria equals smell?  
  • Can I wash the pads with my clothes? Yes! You can add your used pads in with your regular laundry, then line dry or tumble dry on cool, and reuse.

So, there you have it! Reusable period pads are not only better for the environment but better for you too. They’re hygienic and really easy to care for.

If you’re not 100% sure on whether making a full-time switch to reusable pads is right for you, that’s ok - moving to reusables doesn’t need to be all-or-nothing.  Why not swap your night-time disposable pad for a reusable or use a reusable when your flow is light? A small change can add up and still make a big difference.

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