Amy's switch to a plastic-free period with cloth sanitary pads.

Wear cloth sanitary pads for a more comfortable period.

We love to hear from happy customers who have made the switch to cloth sanitary pads. Especially as we are true believers in feedback; it’s the only way we can ensure we are making products that give you what you need and want. Amy is a recent convert and got in touch with us a few weeks back to share her experience. We are so pleased with her lovely (and honest) feedback that we just had to share it with you. Read on to hear what she had to say...


“I bought a starter kit of Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary pads recently as part of my bid to reduce the amount of plastic I use. I looked at several options online but I was drawn to the bright colours and designs of Bloom & Nora. I have to say that when they first arrived I thought they looked quite bulky and was a bit nervous about how they would feel and whether they would be up to the job but now I've used them there's no way I'm going back to disposable ones. I wish I'd discovered cloth sanitary pads sooner!


The first thing I noticed is they feel so much nicer against the skin. Even though they are bulkier in as much as they are made of natural materials not layers of plastic and padding, you really don't notice them when you're wearing them.


I'm very active and am always walking about, I found that disposables would often rub - I did a lot of walking in Bloom & Nora cloth sanitary pads and they were so comfy! They also handled my flow amazingly with no leaks or wetness against the skin. I had never realised how much disposable pads sweat, cloth sanitary pads absolutely do not and I felt so much fresher, it amazed me there was no odour.


My husband and some friends I mentioned it to were unsure about washing them and were grossed out by the thought but honestly, it is not an issue at all. A quick rinse in the sink when I changed them removed any marks. I stored them in my bathroom bag then popped them all in the wash at once. Easy with no mess. I am going to save a small fortune in the long run, which is fabulous.


Thank you, Bloom & Nora, for creating such a great range of cloth sanitary pads keep up the good work.”


If Amy's feedback is tempting you to consider cloth sanitary pads but you aren’t sure where to start, check out which pad suits you best first by doing the ‘Go with your flow' pad selector on our website here or get in touch if you’d like any help or advice about the making the switch.  Email 0141 774 6437.